Canale Leadership and Service Internship


What is a Canale Internship?

Supported by the Canale endowment, students pursue a community service internship that addresses a community-identified need benefitting the greater Sewanee community, while also developing the individual intern’s leadership, communication, emotional, and analytical skills.

Interns are self-directed but receive assistance from a mentor and the Office of Civic Engagement. Internships take place during the academic year and interns work 4 - 8 hours per week on projects.

Interested in applying? If you have a new proposal or want to continue a current project, please contact Tyler Augst or Robin Hille Michaels in the Office of Civic Engagement. 

Canale FAQ

  1. All returning students are eligible to be Canales.
  2. Students in all majors are encouraged to apply.
  3. Canale Interns earn up to $1000 per semester for 8 hours per week, $750 for 6 hours per week, or $500 for 4 hours per week.
  4. Canale Internships can run for 1 or 2 semesters.

Application Requirements

  1. A 2 - 4 page proposal that describes your project, and how it will help develop your leadership, communication, emotional, and analytical skills.
  2. Resume.
  3. List of 2 references (at least 1 from a faculty member).
  4. A letter or email from your internship sponsor confirming that you have been accepted to work with them. This is required, even if you are applying to continue your internship with the same organization and supervisor. The letter must include contact information, internship dates, and proposed responsibilities.
    • If you are still waiting to receive confirmation from your site supervisor, please upload a letter, addressed to the Selection Committee explaining when you expect confirmation.

Ready to make a difference? Apply here. Deadline: Thursday, March 8th at midnight.


Priority Canale Internships for 2018-2019

The following are continuing partnerships and projects.  These positions are priority positions and the Office of Civic Engagement strongly encourages students to consider applying for these leadership roles.  However, students may also apply with a new project that is a community identified need.  For these initiatives, students will need to write in their proposal how this need came to their attention and how an identified community site will be partnering with their work.  All new positions are required to submit an email confirmation from their site (this is only a forwarded email from the contact person at the site), confirming the partnership and suggested project.

Students are encouraged to apply if they can commit to being a Canale the entire academic year.

Accepted Canale students will be considered a site leader and as a Canale site leader will have responsibilities within the program that include attending weekly trainings/reflections organized by the Bonner/Canale program as well as:

- Running their site-based team meeting (three times each semester)

- Organizing any training needed for students working at their sites

- Serving as a liaison between students and the site as well as the Bonner/Canale program and the site

- Attending site leader training and meeting(s)

- Collecting everyone's schedules for your site and sharing with site supervisor and Bonner/Canale Director each semester

- Any additional leadership duties as appropriate


Grundy Safe Communities Coalition

Located in Tracy City, GSCC is the substance abuse prevention coalition for Grundy County. Despite its small population of 13,000, Grundy County had 99 overdoses in 2015. According to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, 81.1% of Grundy County residents entering rehab facilities identified prescription opioids as a substance of abuse. The number of overdose deaths in Tennessee rose by 12% from 2015 to 2016, largely due to opiod addiction. Grundy Safe Communities Coalition, operating under Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System, has received a grant from the State of Tennessee specifically aimed at reducing the misuse and abuse of prescription drugs and opiod overdoses in Grundy County. The Bonner or Canale intern would would work alongside the organization's Americorps VISTA, Emily Senefeld, who is serving as Outreach Coordinator, to administer this grant. The student would assist with the Count It! Lock It! Drop It! Program, working with healthcare providers, community partners, and law enforcement to educate the public and to distribute personal drug safes to prevent theft of prescription drugs. The intern would collaborate with the staff of GSCC to develop and implement an evidenced-based curriculum for preventing prescription drug abuse. He or she would also assist in the collection and analysis of data about substance abuse in Grundy County that would aid in the creation of future programming. For more information, contact VISTA Emily Senefeld at


Well-Directed Curiosity

A program out of the Office of Civic Engagement in collaboration with Sewanee Elementary School, Well-Directed Curiosity (WDC) is a mentoring program for elementary school children begun in 2010. The program organizes university student mentors for small groups of 3rd - 5th grade children on a weekly basis for after-school programming. Groups are separated by grade and gender and participate in discovery and exploration through activities such as hiking, arts & crafts, sports, and other types of outdoor adventures. The Well-Directed Curiosity Mentor will lead these groups in their activities, recruit and train new volunteers, develop new curriculum, and manage emails lists and communication with families. For more information, contact Robin Hille Michaels at


St. Mary’s

The Community of St. Mary, Southern Province, is a women’s Benedictine community within the Episcopal Church and located 2 miles from Sewanee’s campus. They aim to promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle that promotes care for the body, the soul, and the earth. Organic Prayer Project Aids will work in the gardens of St. Mary's Convent during the growing season--planting, weeding, and harvesting. They will harvest, can and store excesses, as well as harvest and process lavender grown for their partnership with Thistle Farms in Nashville. Additionally, Interns will assist the Sisters of St. Mary in administrative work, chapel and library maintenance, and fundraising and outreach efforts. For more information, contact Sister Madeleine Mary at sr.madeleine.mary@gmail.


Monteagle Elementary

Interns at Monteagle Elementary will provide after school tutoring for students enrolled in grades 2 - 8 for a couple of hours 2 - 4 days per week. Interns would help students with school assignments as well as offering support for homework help. For more information, contact Principal Janet Layne at


Blue Monarch

Located about 30 minutes from Sewanee’s campus, there are two areas that would benefit from student involvement and students can apply for one focus area or for both:

The first area is their Farm Program. They have 15 raised beds that grow crops April - September. There is a greenhouse that is being renovated this Spring that will enable them to grow through the winter. There are goats, chickens, cats, and a dog. Responsibilities could include contributing to a weekly class teaching the residents and children about planting, growing, harvesting, and the benefits of eating fresh food, recruiting and organizing volunteers, extend the crop season and options, and maintenance plans for the Farm Program. 

The second area is their Proverbs 22:6 Children's Program. Currently there are half a dozen volunteers already invested on a consistent basis for mentoring, tutoring, and various children’s activities. With additional support, working alongside our Director of Family and Children’s Services and other volunteers, we would love for the Children’s Program to expand further with additional one on one tutoring and mentoring, planned activities every day after school, special activities for Fall Break, Spring Break, and a special week long Summer camp.

For more information about either program, contact



Youth Empowerment Mentor for Man Up will focus on educating and empowering students to develop self-confidence in themselves, hope for the future both in their own lives and their roles in their small-knit communities, and how to have healthy relationships with the opposite sex. The Mentor will develop new curriculum, build a cohort of students from counselor recommendations and through marketing of the program, organize field trips and collaborative experiences with youth empowerment programs at nearby county schools, and establish this new program by mentoring students throughout the school year. CORE (Connecting Others, Respecting Each Other) and Man Up are two programs for women and men, respectively, both using curriculum from the Respect Institute. For more information, contact Ms. Paige Hill at


South Pittsburg High School College Counseling

The College Counseling Mentor will: (a) Develop and implement ACT/SAT prep classes to juniors and seniors (b) Develop and implement a curriculum for using the Common App, applying to colleges, writing college essays, and developing a resume (c) Set up on-going communication with partners, volunteers, and students (d) Notify students of service opportunities, college fairs and trips (e) Develop a volunteer recruitment plan and train new student volunteers (f) Data collection for tracking and reporting AmeriCorps Members serving in this capacity will not recruit any individuals to perform any activities that are prohibited by AmeriCorps. For more information, contact Ms. Paige Hill at


Grundy Photo

Grundy Photo interns will work initially with one Grundy County after-school elementary program, assisting teachers with running photography activities for enrichment during their after-school program. Once acclimated, interns will be encouraged to recruit additional student volunteers to similar programming with each of the five elementary schools in Grundy County. Interns with experience in photography would be preferred. For more information, contact Ms. Emily Partin at


Cub Scouts

This position will work with other adult leaders and recruited student leaders in the Sewanee area bi-monthly to plan, organize, and run den meetings, teach children basic scout skills and provide moral guidance on reverence and service, help to lead and plan outings, organize community connections, and facilitate program coordination. Other duties include updating volunteer policies and procedures, improving the volunteer recruitment plan, recruiting community and student volunteers, manage volunteer communication tools through email lists and newsletters, identifying potential partners, and finding meeting spaces. For more information, contact David Michaels at


Diabetes Prevention Program

The Diabetes Prevention Program works with the Assistant Director to Sewanee's Medical and Health program and the Office of Civic Engagement to develop, implement, promote, and lead a bi-weekly program designed to help prevent diabetes from developing in two counties with low health rankings in a state that is ranked low, nationally, in health. This student will also be responsible for organizing Diabetes Education Fellows in trainings and contributions to this program. For more information, contact Cynthia Gray


North Elementary School Activ8

Activ8 is a program geared towards getting children active and more aware of physical and nutritional health through games and education. Students in this position will lead after-school games, recruit student volunteers and sports team members to participate and lead specialized sessions, and provide provide nutritional education for students around diet, exercise, and healthcare. For more information, contact Ms. Kayla Rymer at


Folks at Home

Folks at Home is a local non-profit that supports, offers in-home visits, and provides programming for home-bound elders in the Sewanee community. Interns in this position will create outreach and PR materials, conduct home visits, and develop additional programming as identified by the Director. Other duties could include grantwriting, web development, or other professional tasks depending on what the intern’s interests are. For more information, contact Director, Wall Wofford at


Volunteers in Medicine

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Tennessee serves any uninsured adult in Tennessee to enable them to maintain their health with proper medication and treatment. This intern will work with Sewanee’s Medical and Health program to organize student medical interns times to volunteer at the clinic, orient and train these volunteers, shadow doctors and take patient histories as needed, and manage capacity-building projects for the clinic. For more information, contact Jeanna Thompson at


Discover Together

Discover Together provides the opportunity for parents/caregivers and their children (ages birth-five) a place to gather, play, learn, and explore. Each activity is carefully sculpted to promote skills critical for school success, with a primary focus on early literacy and social skills. A service intern would be responsible for supporting projects under the Discover Together initiative including supporting the lead teacher working with pre-school children and developing programming to support families in the co-op. For more information about this position, including how to receive an email confirmation supporting your application, please contact Emily Partin at


English as a Second Language

This position will organize university students to teach ESL to adult immigrants in Manchester. They will recruit, train, and organize student volunteers while creating weekly lesson plans, tracking the ESL students progress, developing trust and relationships with mostly undocumented residents, and hosting workshops about immigrant rights. The leader has the potential to be trained specifically as an ESL instructor. The community partner is the Office of Civic Engagement. For more information, contact Robin Hille Michaels at


Grantwriting for local non-profits

This position will work with other Bonner Leaders and recruited student volunteers to learn the process of researching funds, learning grant cycles, meeting with community partners to explore needs and funding sources, working with Bonners at their sites on program development, and writing grants. The community partner is the Office of Civic Engagement. For more information, contact Robin Hille Michaels at


Sewanee Women Engaging and Empowering Community (SWEEC)

Sewanee Women Engaging & Empowering Community (SWEEC) is a community service initiative designed to engage the women of Sewanee in order to build lasting community and create meaningful, empowering interactions and relationships in the surrounding area. Community building is facilitated through “teacup” mentorship monthly meetings on the Mountain and monthly service projects with several local community partners, for which this Canale position will be responsible in collaboration with a Bonner Leader. The community partner is the Office of Civic Engagement. For more information, contact Robin Hille Michaels at


Mountain T.O.P.

Mountain T.O.P. is an interdenominational non-profit that addresses physical and social needs of low-income families in Grundy County. This position will be researching, planning and executing after-school programming around sustainable and healthy housing in the PreK-8 schools in Grundy County. Projects will include but not be limited to: making contact and setting up scheduling for programs, researching and writing curriculum based on topics important to the mission of Mountain T.O.P., coordinating class topics with VISTA volunteer, teaching classes, evaluating class effectiveness, and aiding in other Mountain T.O.P. projects as they relate to school age children. For more information about this position, including how to receive an email confirmation supporting your application, please contact Julie Keel at