Medical Volunteer Organizations


New Life

 This position will work with the clients of New Life, being trained by the staff there to understand the needs and complications around working with adults with disabilities. This position will assist individuals to be as independent as possible; provide direct care for individuals with basic needs including, but not limited to, outdoor education, meals, safety, and other related issues. Individuals will be transported to Sewanee once a week to be led on hikes and other activities on the domain. They are also interested in having art and/or music classes taught to their members.


Beersheba Springs Medical Clinic Volunteer Organizing and Resource Aid

This is a free medical clinic in Beersheba Springs, TN. Students do patient in-take, filing, organize medical stocks, and can be trained to be Diabetes Educators for patients with diabetes.


Volunteers in Medicine/Beersheba Springs Diabetes Educator

Diabetes Counselors will assist in educating those with the disease about ways to deal with the disease, find healthier lifestyles to reverse the side effects of the disease, and assist with the transitions of their new lifestyles that will include a regular schedule diet and exercise. The counselors will also help individuals learn how to have a filling meal but through healthier means through teaching them how to cook on the budget and wages that they earn.


Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Tennessee Volunteer Organizing and Resource Aid

Assisting at the clinic with patient in-take, clinic organization, and training and serving as Diabetes Educators for patients coming to this free clinic who also are affected by diabetes.