Outreach Trips 2014-2015

Winter Break

Kingston, Jamaica

This marks the twenty-fifth year that the Outreach Office will be traveling to Kingston, Jamaica. There is a service and learning component that focuses on the development of the Trench Town neighborhood and the Trench Town Culture Yard which may include film and building projects. There will be opportunities to explore Jamaican culture through music, theater, and architecture in both urban and rural environments. The staff has decades of experience in the area and is able to offer valuable insights.

  • Group Leaders: Dixon Myers, Bill Mauzy, and Callie Sadler
  • Student Leader: Michelle
  • Group Size: 12

Spring Break, 2015


The University of the South has a 20 year history of service in New Orleans. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, students from Sewanee served as tutors in an inner city school. After Katrina, the Outreach Office shifted its focus to reconstruction and relief efforts. Volunteer work-days are full of varied projects including tutoring, construction, caring for homeless pets, serving in soup kitchens, and gleaning. Construction projects may include planting trees, painting, and rebuilding homes. Students will also have the opportunity to experience New Orleans culture through various activities and lectures. Through this trip, students will gain a broader perspective of how Hurricane Katrina has impacted the area.

  • Group Leader: Hagi Bradley
  • Student Leader: Keira Coleman
  • Group Size: 12


This trip centers around classroom tutoring at the secondary level. In the past, volunteers have also participated in a Habitat for Humanity project, worked with a local nursing home, and helped with a special needs outdoor program called "Shake-a-Leg". Sewanee has a long history working in Miami. Students stay in a hostel on South Beach and have the opportunity to explore the city.

  • Group Leader: Barbara Banks
  • Group Size: 12


Sewanee's partnerships in Cange, Haiti with the organizations Zanmi Lasante and Zanmi Agrikol have helped create opportunities for our faculty, staff and students to participate in long term development work and important relief efforts. This trip will expose students to our agricultural re-forestation project, our photo project and dental and medical options. This opportunity can lead to advanced work in the country through varying Sewanee programs.

  • Group Leader: Dixon Myers
  • Student Leaders: Elizabeth Sega
  • Group Size: 24


Ecuador participants partner with Youth World, a Christian organization whose emphasis is training youth ministry leaders and working to reach out to youth in Quito. Our site host, Cameron Graham, is a Sewanee alumna who has served as a missionary in Ecuador for the last 10 years. The Ecuador Experience consists of working with one of Youth World's partner sites, "Remanso de Amor" which serves as a school, community center, and church in one of the communities in Quito. Sewanee has been sending volunteers to work with Remanso for the last 10 years and has watched it grow from an empty pasture to a 5-story building that is flourishing. Recent service included minor construction projects, skits and crafts with kids, and youth workshops. Every evening there is a time for group reflection and discussion. The Ecuador trip is Christian in nature, but participants come from all faith backgrounds and are encouraged to process the experience through their own personal lens.

  • Group Leader: Callie Sadler
  • Student Leaders: Izzy Correa and David Prehn
  • Group Size: 16


The Costa Rica Outreach Trip visits the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica.  We partner with the school in their efforts to maintain the ecological biodiversity of their campus, as well as providing a comprehensive educational experience to their students.  Unique to this trip specifically, all participants live in home stays with families from the school, which creates powerful relationships between participants and students of the Cloud Forest School.  Meant for service, exploration, and immersion, the Costa Rica Outreach trip provides powerful and life-lasting experiences for everyone involved.

  • Group Leader: Rob McAlister
  • Student Leader: Anna Thorson
  • Group Size: 15


Students will participate in direct service, receive a hands-on education on the topic of AIDS, and witness how non-profit organizations on New York operate. They will work with a traveling soup kitchen for people with HIV/AIDS. The group will travel to different parts of the city to serve the wider community. Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen serves over one thousand people each day regardless of documentation, socio-economic level, and other factors that could prevent someone from getting a meal. Students will also take advantage of the many cultural advantages in the city.

  • Group Leader: Danielle Larsen
  • Group Size: 12