Outreach Trips 2011 - 2012

Fall Break, October 14-18, 2011

New Orleans, LA

The University of the South has a 20 year history of service in New Orleans. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, students from Sewanee served as tutors in an inner city school. After Katrina, the Outreach Office shifted its focus to reconstruction and relief efforts. On the fall break trip, we will be partnering with local organizations in their revitalization and rebuilding efforts through using our man power in construction work.

  • Group Size: 30 students & 3 staff leaders
  • Cost: $167 + cost of food

Winter Break, January 4-14, 2012

Kingston, Jamaica

Sewanee has been involved in outreach in Jamaica for the past 20 years. The trip to Jamaica will give students a chance to know personally people whose lives are far different from their own, who in many cases manage to live with an amazing amount of love and joy and faith in the most unbelievably tough conditions. While engaging in community service activities, you will have the chance to experience Jamaican culture in ways most tourist do not; from dance and music, a national theater production, oral story telling, craft production and remote recreation. In past years, students have painted murals, created mosaics, and worked on a community center in Trench Town, the birth place of reggae legend Bob Marley.

  • Group Size: 13 students & 2 staff leaders
  • Cost: $1,312

Spring Break, March 14-24, 2012

Monteverde, Costa Rica

This trip was designed as an environmental-tract service trip as students work with the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica with a reforestation project, organic garden, and assisting with the maintenance of their outdoor classroom. The Cloud Forest School is a K-11th school with a mission to nurture new generations of ecologically aware, academically well-rounded, bilingual individuals. The greater Sewanee community has close ties to the Cloud Forest School through the financial support of the Sewanee-based Cloud Forest School Foundation and alumni volunteers. Time spent during the trip includes working on construction projects on the school grounds, taking part in experiential learning activities in the rain forest, and staying with host families for part of the trip to experience the life of a typical Costa Rican family. Spanish language skills are not necessary

  • Group Size: 12 students & 1 staff leader
  • Cost: $1,667
Montrouis & Cange, Haiti

This trip is part of the Sewanee/Haiti Initiative. A dentist, dental assistant, and two doctors from Sewanee lead a group of students to conduct clinics in rural Haiti. The group will be providing dental and medical services to residents in villages through the Episcopal Church. Students interested in dental or medical care may want to take advantage of this opportunity, although it is open to all students. In addition to the medical/dental clinic, students will also participate in a micro loan bank, student sponsorship, and goat project. Students spend two nights in a homestay. Creole/French language skills are not necessary.

  • Group Size: 24 students, 2 staff leaders, 2 doctors, 2 dentists
  • Cost: $1,457
Indianola, MS

This will be our second time to the home of the Delta Blues and the B.B. King museum and interpretive center. Students will help staff the Spring Camp at the B.B. King museum. This camp is modeled after the summer program entitled "the art of living smart." Students will help teach gardening, music, dance, fitness, literature, and art as well as experience the rich Blues culture of the Mississippi Delta.

  • Group Size: 10 students, 1 student leader
  • Cost: Around $500
Miami, FL

This trip centers around classroom tutoring at the secondary level. In the past, volunteers have also participated in a Habitat for Humanity project, worked with a local nursing home, and helped with a special needs outdoor program called "Shake-a-Leg". Sewanee has a long history working in Miami. Students stay in a hostel on South Beach and have the opportunity to explore the city.

  • Group Size: 10 students & 2 staff leaders
  • Cost: $932
New Orleans, LA

The University of the South has a 20 year history of service in New Orleans. Prior to Hurricane Katrina, students from Sewanee served as tutors in an inner city school. After Katrina, the Outreach Office shifted its focus to reconstruction and relief efforts. The work of this trip is twofold: partnering with the Episcopal Community Services of Louisiana in rebuilding efforts and tutoring at a local elementary school. Volunteer work days are divided between construction projects and tutoring. Construction projects may include planting trees, painting, and rebuilding homes. Students will also have the opportunity to experience New Orleans culture through various activities and lectures. Through this trip, students will gain a broader perspective of how Hurricane Katrina has impacted the area.

  • Group Size: 10 students & 1 staff leader
  • Cost: Around $650
New York, NY

The New York outreach trip participates in an alternative break program with GMHC (the Gay Men's Health Crisis Center). Students will participate in direct service, receive a hands-on education on the topic of AIDS, and witness how a large non-profit organization operates. GMHC is an organization that was formed in 1981 to provide compassionate care to New Yorkers with AIDS. They educate citizens on health issues and advocate for fair and effective public policies. It has more than 8,400 clients and uses 6,500 volunteers and 300 staff members with a $30 million yearly budget. Students will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge as they work with a local clinic for HIV patients. Students will have the opportunity to enjoy cultural activities around the city.

  • Group Size: 13 students & 1 staff leader
  • Cost: $1,205