Certificate in Civic and Global Leadership

The Civic and Global Leadership Certificate offers two tracks of academic study and credit designed to complement students’ academic year or summer civic engagement internships. Students planning to complete 500 hours of service through the following internships are eligible to apply. Interested students should submit this form to the Office of the University Registrar.

  • Bonner Leaders Program
  • Canale Leadership and Service Internship
  • Canale Summer Civic Engagement Internship
  • Medical and Health Internships
  • AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate Program
  • Philanthropy Internship
  • Other internships approved by the Director of Civic Engagement


Development and Human Capabilities Track

Courses in the development and human capabilities track expose students to such topics as the intersection of poverty and environmental protection, community mobilization, theories of development, political institutions and policies shaping poverty eradication, and economic models of development. Students learn about international, national, and local actors involved in development processes (e.g., states, the United Nations, microfinance organizations, non-governmental organizations, cultural groups) and explore issues affecting development and underdevelopment such as climate change, food production, human rights, and disease. Find more information on the Development and Human Capabilities Track here.


Community and Global Health Track

Courses in the community and global health track expose students to the nature and significance of health and health care to human life and social development. Students learn about the effects of health on the human condition, debates over what justice requires in terms of providing access to health care, as well as political and policy debates over access to health care, internationally, nationally, and locally. Find more information on the Community and Global Health Track here.

Core Civic and Global Leadership Courses (8 semester hours)

  • CIVC 200 Introduction to Civic and Global Leadership
  • CIVC 400 Civic and Global Leadership Capstone 

Additional Civic and Global Leadership Courses (12 semester hours)

A. Development and Human Capabilities

  • ANTH 317: The Anthropology of Development
  • ART 263: Intermediate Documentary Projects in Photography
  • BIOL 232: Human Health and the Environment (Lab)
  • ECON 310: Economic Development
  • ECON 311: Health and Development
  • ENST 101: Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • ENST 304: Community Development and Place in Rural Appalachia
  • FORS 212: Forestry in the Developing World
  • POLS 210: The Politics of Poverty and Inequality
  • POLS 223: Public Policy
  • POLS 280: The Politics of Development and Foreign Aid
  • POLS 319: Global Gender Issues
  • POLS 321: Global Health Governance
  • PSYC 417: Seminar in Developmental Psychology: Human Development in Context

B. Community and Global Health

  • ANTH 319: Medical Anthropology
  • ART 242: The Lens and the Landscape: Documentary Studies and the Environment
  • BIOL 180: Principles of Human Nutrition
  • ECON 312: Health Economics
  • MHUM 108: Introduction to Medical Humanities: The Human Condition
  • MHUM 110: Introduction to Sociology and Human Health
  • PHIL 235: Bioethics
  • POLS 223: Public Policy
  • POLS 411: The Politics of Aids
  • POLS 321: Global Health Governance
  • PSYC 227: Health Psychology
  • PSYC 402: Community Psychology



Jim Peterman

Advisor for Development and Human Capabilities

Amy Patterson 

Advisor for Community and Global Health

Alyssa Summers