Technology Services

About Student Help Desk

The Student Help Desk is dedicated to offering technology services to students on their personal equipment.  Students may visit the Help Desk during office hours and fill out a personal equipment repair form.   Student Technicians will then create a work order ticket and take a look at any issues your equipment could be having.   Our Student Technicians are learning everyday how to troubleshoot and better assist other students with technology needs.  If the Technician cannot repair your equipment here at the Help Desk they will offer you a list of local techs in the area that could troubleshoot even further for you.  If you would rather receive one of these forms or know that your equipment may be beyond repair feel free to visit the help desk and we can issue the local tech list on the spot.

 **Please Note**

 The Student Help Desk does not take responsibility for missing parts or broken equipment before it is brought in.  The Student Technicians are not allowed to install any University owned software or hardware on student computers.  If you need a piece of hardware replaced and have the replacement on hand, we can assist you but are not liable for the equipment if it becomes broken.