Password Change Instructions

Sewanee password requirements are deployed as recommended by a University IT risk assessment.  These requirements improve security and protect University information.

    • Your Sewanee password will be used for Banner Self-Service, Blackboard, Sewanee email and Internet Native Banner (INB) and will be required to have a minimum of 12 characters and will expire every 120 days.  The maximum for Banner Self-Service passwords is 20 characters.
  • To create a strong password (Check How Secure Your Password Is Here)
    • Use a passphrase to help you remember it.  A passphrase is a series of words and characters combined together and this length, compared to a password, is what provides additional security.
    • Don’t include common phrases found in literature or music
    • Don’t include your username or your real name
    • Don't use the examples listed below
    •  Examples of passphrases are:
      • “YeaSewaneesRight”
      •  “A bird in the hand 4 me”
      • “Pizza sounds good 2me!”

  • To unlock your locked out account, or reset your password for Banner Self-Service and Blackboard use the Sewanee Password Reset Portal!


  •  For assistance, please call the helpdesk at extension 1369 or email the helpdesk at