March, 2016 LITS Newsletter


Need Artwork to Brighten Up Your Office?

Contributed by Mary O’NeillOffice Art Example

Sewanee's Permanent Art Collection has many paintings, prints or photographs that might be conducive to your artistic sense and fit perfectly in your office.  The art collection is a rich resource of over 1,500 items with many available for internal loans at the University.  duPont Library currently has one of the largest number of artworks housed throughout the building i.e., Dingle's bird series that hangs along the first floor corridor.  Jeanne Jansenius has a large collection of Hari Kidd's paintings and prints in her office area in the CompTEL building. Also, DebbieLee Landi's colorful office houses modern, eclectic artwork to brighten her space.

If you are interested in acquiring some artwork to brighten up your office, contact Mary O'Neill at ext. 1660 or take a look at ARTstor's website featuring Sewanee's Permanent Art Collection.


One of the Most Popular Items that Gets Checked Out at the Circulation Desk Doesn’t Have Paper or Binding at All

Contributed by Courtnay Zeitler

Who isn’t connected to a screen? We all know by now: without our smartphones and laptops, we’re worthless. We can’t post, text, write or complete our work without these personal devices! Our connection to the virtual world is stronger than ever, and it’s a world that needs charging up. Resource Management recognized this need, both in the requests from our students as well as a growing trend in academic libraries to provide a means of keeping phones and computers in business all day. We decided to purchase an assortment of phone and laptop chargers and make them available for 3-hour checkout.

Chargers are in high demand by our students who often forget their own and need a way to recharge their devices when they are in the library, about to go to class, or just need a couple extra hours of powering up to get them through their day. Our desk workers are constantly checking out these chargers so our students can stay connected: with their families, their classes (via Blackboard), and each other.

The numbers speak for themselves. Last academic year when Circulation began to offer chargers to our patrons, 2686 were checkouts were transacted. In the first six months of the current academic year, we have checked them out 3218 times. Students enjoy the convenience of being able to access them right at the main service desk, where they also can access their course reserves, as well as check out other books and media items. Because they are so popular, we often run out of the more in-demand chargers, such as the iPhone 4 and 5, and the Macbook Air. Many of them are used so often or are not handled carefully, and so must be replaced. Nevertheless, this program fills a real need of our patron population and is another example of our budget funds well spent.


Like the Help Desk on Facebook

Contributed by Kelly Andy

Help Desk PictureIn the past few weeks the Help Desk has been gearing up for spring break.  Everything from finalizing student trouble tickets to doing a bit of spring cleaning of the computer labs.  The student employees have also submitted ideas for our now operational Sewanee Help Desk Facebook page. As the next few months unfold we will be posting more and more on the positive changes that have undergone at the Help Desk along with campus technology news updates as they arise.  You will also find interesting articles that could impact anyone using technology.  The students have also voiced a suggestion to have monthly awareness notices about some type of cyber security. Whether it be mobile security or how to determine if the email you received is safe to open.  All of these great ideas are coming to life right here on our very own social media Facebook page! We ask that everyone help us out in sharing and liking the page.  The more shares we have the greater the audience.  Our hope is that this could be a great way to start Help Desk to client communication and help keep everyone informed of current technology events across campus. So go connect with us!

Another great endeavor of the Help desk and the TAS staff is the cleaning out of old equipment.  We have sorted through the good, the bad and the ugly to compile two stacks of equipment.  One being a recycle pile that will hopefully be going out soon.  And the other a donation pile that will go to nonprofit organizations and schools.  This has also been a great way to get students involved with helping the community and surrounding schools.

Help Desk staff have also been working on a new sign to display behind the desk.  We hope for this to be a quick way for walk ins to see our hours of operations along with some of the services we provide.  Our new Facebook page and a link to the Help Desk website will also be posted.

We are all working hard to improve the Sewanee Help Desk experience and our student employees are playing key roles.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to serve the campus we love! YSR!!


Gallery Walk a Success!

Contributed by DebbieLee Landi

“Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, body percussion, and “Summertime”--what do these musical rhythms have in common?  They were all part of the live performances during the Gallery Walk in University Archives and Special Collections on Saturday, March 5.  Again this year, we collaborated with Cesar Leal, Courtney World, and their talented students to broaden the perspective on the theme of our exhibition.  The predominant theme for this year’s exhibition, “Founded to Make Men”, was the historical dimension of masculinity.  Arthur Ndoumbe, the first Sewanee student to graduate with a minor in dance, performed two ballet variations, dancing both female and male roles.  Fridien Nana’s self-choreographed  “Sankofa,” inspired by the masculine African dance tradition, offered a distinct contrast to the earlier classical ballet performances.  The final portion of the program focused on tap dancing, a dance typically associated with male performers; however, on this occasion, Courtney World and her student, Betsy Houston were the dancers.  These unique means of expression and accompaniment to our exhibition were unquestionably a worthwhile collaboration with nearly 100 people attending the two performances.  Thanks to Dean Papillon for his support and the catering expertise of IvyWild.   

This video clip (thanks to Ryan Lazar) showcases Betsy’s solo performance; please note this is her first year as a tap dancer.  Check our Facebook page in the future for more video clips of these talented dancers and student violinist, Emily Newton.