February 29, 2016 Newsletter

Anonymous Donation to Sewanee

Contributed by Betsy Grant
Photo courtesy of Matt Reynolds

2/29/2016This week, Archives and Special Collections received an unexpected rare and valuable donation. The donor, who wishes to remain anonymous contacted Vice-Chancellor McCardell, who in turn contacted DebbieLee Landi to see if we would like this particular donation. And of course, we did, for the donation was a rare small-press broadside printing of General Leonidas Polk’s eloquent farewell to his troops after being removed from his command by General Braxton Bragg. Polk graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point, but left the military soon after graduating. He entered the Episcopal ministry and eventually became the Missionary Bishop of the Southwest. Polk was the leading founder of the University and laid and consecrated the cornerstone in 1860. Upon the outbreak of the Civil War, he was appointed a general and became a commander of the Army of Tennessee. Polk and Bragg had running disagreements over battle strategies and after a particularly poor performance at the Battle of Chickamauga, Bragg relieved Polk of his command. Polk was reassigned and in June of 1864 killed in action near Marietta, Georgia. 

‌In Polk’s poignant “Farewell Address” which was written from the headquarters of Polk’s Corps at Missionary Ridge (Chattanooga) on September 30, 1863, he expresses his love and respect for his men. “I cannot, however, part even temporarily with the gallant officers and soldiers of my old corps, without the deepest feeling of regret and a heartfelt expression of my gratitude for the courage, conduct and devotion they have always manifested while under my command. …you have borne unexampled privations and fortitude, fought with undaunted bravery, and ever yielded a ready and cheerful obedience to your officers… Clouds and darkness may enshroud you for a time, but the sunlight of the future is bright and glowing, the blood of patriots is never shed in vain, and our final victory is certain and ensured… Your kindness, devotion and respect for me, exhibited during the years of our association, both in camp and on the field are graven on my heart, and will be treasured there until it ceases to beat.”



Contributed by Pat Dover

The library now offers BrowZine, a new service that enables a user to browse, read and follow thousands of the library’s scholarly journals on a computer or from Android and iOS mobile devices. Built to compliment article searching, BrowZine provides a great mechanism to keep track of favorite journals and to learn about new developments in a field. It also can allow users to easily see similar titles to the ones they are familiar with in order to broaden their knowledge of related scholarly literature.


BrowZine delivers top journals from nearly all of the publishers with whom we have subscriptions, such as Sage, Wiley, Elsevier, Taylor & Francis, Oxford, and more.

With BrowZine, you can:

  • Browse and read journals: Browse journals by subject, easily review tables of contents, and download full articles
  • Use the durable linking capability of Browzine to easily link to specific “shelves” in BrowZine from Blackboard to help guide students to complete assignments, such as familiarizing themselves with journals in their field and writing a summary article or research paper about the material they find.
  • Create your own bookshelf and add journals to your personal bookshelf
  • Save and export articles: Save articles for off-line reading or export to services such as DropBox, Mendeley, RefWorks, Zotero, Papers and more
  • In the mobile app, you can be notified when new articles are published.

To learn more and start using BrowZine today, simply visit this link.

Or, from the Library website home page, choose the Journals tab in the search box, and then you’ll see the Browzine link below the Journal Finder search.

Note: Browzine is not designed for searching a topic. Also, Browzine does not contain every journal that we have access to. If there is a journal that you find missing from Browzine, let Pat Dover know (prdover@sewanee.edu)  and she will see if it can be added.

For additional information, visit the FAQ page: 


New Director of Information Literacy & Instructional Technology Initial Interviews Underway

Contributed by Tim Garner

Members of the search committee conducted video conference call interviews with three of the top four Director position candidates on Friday, February 26th and will conduct the fourth, and final, initial interview on Monday, February 29th.

Once the committee concludes this first step of the selection process they will then decide on which candidates to invite to campus for a tour and face-to-face interviews.  LITS staff will have the opportunity to meet potential candidates at this stage and provide feedback to the committee members before the final candidate is selected and a job offer is made.  More details will be available soon!


Audio Visual Circulation

Contributed by Michael Ostrowski

Audio visual equipment circulation is one of our Media Services.  Students, faculty and staff may check out the following: (a) multimedia projectors, (b) AV stands, (c) projection screens, (d) digital audio recorders, (e) camcorders, (f) portable hard disc drives and (g) small sound systems. The sound systems are suitable for background music at parties and usually accommodate one microphone for public address--but are not suitable for use by bands. Some of these will run off of battery power for several hours if electricity is not available.  "How long can I have, it?"  Students may keep these items for two working days. Faculty and staff are allowed a 10 working day check out interval.

VHS video cassette players have gone the way of the buffalo. As these appliances reach end of life in classrooms, they will not, nay-cannot be replaced. 


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