Proposing a New Course

All new courses must be approved by the Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee which aims to establish course offerings for each academic year as far in advance as possible. Faculty members are encouraged to propose new courses well ahead of the semester they intend to teach the course. Except in the case of courses required for new hires, submissions during the summer months or intersession should be avoided.

To propose a new course, complete the latest version of the online New Course proposal form.

The Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee ordinarily meets weekly when classes are in session, and proposals will be added to the agenda in the order they are submitted. Courses approved by the Committee will then go to the College Faculty for a final vote of approval. All requests/materials (other than a new course proposal) that you wish to be reviewed by the Curriculum and Academic Policy Committee are to be e-mailed to Please do not send your e-mails to an individual person as this could result in your request being overlooked; and, therefore it would not be on the CAPC agenda. 

LO1 - LO6 Forms for Assessment of General Education Requirements
Learning Objective 1: Reading Closely
Learning Objective 2: Understanding the Arts
Learning Objective 3: Seeking Meaning
Learning Objective 4: Exploring Past and Present
Learning Objective 5: Observing, Experimenting, and Modeling
Learning Objective 6: Comprehending Cross-Culturally