Assessment of Academic Programs

The assessment of academic programs is grounded in the principles practiced by the best teachers. Focusing on assessment, the best teachers constantly monitor and evaluate the progress of each student. On a larger scale, they also reflect upon the quality of the class itself: they consider the balance and effectiveness of daily assignments, the quality and relevance of textbooks and readings, the nature and type of graded work across a semester. The best teachers work to make sure that the courses they teach have clear objectives and that those objectives are met-and that they regularly consider ways to improve upon the classroom experience.

Similarly, the University regularly assesses its academic programming, both the foundational general education courses and the advanced and specialized programs of study, the academic majors.

As an institution, the University is constantly seeking to improve. Our commitment to regular, honest, and reflective assessment of our academic programs demonstrates our commitment to improving the quality of the Sewanee experience.

For questions about academic assessment, please contact Associate Dean Alex Bruce in the Office of the Dean of the College, Walsh-Ellett Hall.

General Education Assessment Reports 2017-18

Summary of Assessment Group Reports, Easter 2018

Summary of Individual Reports, 2017-18