Department and program chairs typically rotate on a five year basis. 

Chairs of departments play significant roles in:

  • The promotion and tenure process
  • The development of annual budgets
  • Organizing the annual schedule of courses
  • Staffing
  • All other leadership roles in departments

Chairs and Directors meet several times a year as a group chaired by the Dean of the College.

Department Chairs & Academic Program Directors 2019 - 2020

American Studies Woody Register
Anthropology Richard Allan O'Connor
Art, Art History, & Visual Studies Jeffrey Thompson
Asian Studies Scott Howard Wilson
Biochemistry Bethel Sharma Seballos
Biology Alyssa R. Summers
Business Eric Zinn
Chemistry Deon T. Miles
Classics Christopher Michael McDonough
Computer Science
Stephen P. Carl (Advent 2019)
Lucia K. Dale (Easter 2020)
Earth & Environmental Systems C. Ken Smith & Sarah C. Sherwood 
Economics  Katherine C. Theyson 
English  Jennifer D. Michael 
French & French Studies
Donald Rung (Advent 2019)
Aymeric Glacet (Easter 2020)
German & German Studies Liesl Allingham
History  Susan J. Ridyard
Integrated Program in the Environment           Deborah A. McGrath
Interdisciplinary Humanities Jeffrey Thompson
International & Global Studies               
Donna F. Murdock (Advent 2019)
Shana Minkin (Easter 2020)
Mathematics  Matthew Rudd 
Medieval Studies  Susan J. Ridyard
Music  Stephen Miller 
Neuroscience Helen V. Bateman
Philosophy  Christopher H. Conn
Physics & Astronomy  Benito T. Szapiro
Andrea C. Hatcher
Psychology C. Albert Bardi
Religious Studies 
Eric Thurman
Rhetoric Sean Patrick O'Rourke
Russian  Mark Preslar 
Spanish & Italian Stephen B. Raulston 
Teacher Education  Betsy Sandlin 
Theatre & Dance Jennifer Matthews
Women & Gender Studies  Andrea Mansker