Nominating a Brown Foundation Fellowship Candidate

Typically supported for one semester, Sewanee's Brown Foundation Fellows teach one class in their discipline, engage with students, and share their expertise with the campus community.

Ordinarily, no more than two Brown Foundation Fellows will be named in a given academic year (one per semester).

Departments and programs are invited to nominate esteemed individuals to be Brown Foundation Fellows. Nominations should be submitted electronically (all documents as a single attachment, PDF preferred) to Sandy Carr in the Office of the Dean of the College ( by 5:00 p.m. on October 1 for the following academic year, and nominators will be notified about the status of their proposals by December 1. 

Nomination packets should include the following:
  • the candidate's CV;
  • the candidate's formal statement of interest (can be brief);
  • a statement from the department or program about how the Brown Fellow will fit into the academic unit (what area of expertise brought, what class to be taught, what opportunities for students, what topic[s] might be addressed in a public presentation[s], and any special points of consideration);
  • and the category in which the candidate should be considered (Emerging Scholar-Fellow, Distinguished Scholar-Fellow, or short-term Scholar-Fellow in Residence).

The Brown Foundation Fellowship selection committee (a subcommittee of the Appointments Committee and the Lectures Committee) will recommend candidates to the Dean as Brown Fellows. The selection committee will consider factors such as interdisciplinary appeal, co-sponsorship of a proposal by departments and programs, the prospect of varied forms of student engagement, intentional alignment with the existing or planned curriculum, and the potential for significant contributions to Sewanee's campus and intellectual atmosphere.

Proposals will be posted publicly (on Blackboard or via a shared Google folder) for all faculty to view. The selection committee will conduct short Skype interviews with Brown Fellowship finalists.

The nominating academic unit should also indicate who will be the contact for the Brown Foundation Fellow throughout that person's time at Sewanee. The contact person will assist the Brown Foundation Fellow by providing information about life in the Sewanee community (e.g., information about schools, shopping, etc.), by clarifying general expectations of the academic unit and University, and by connecting the Fellow to the proper University offices for additional information. For departments or programs hosting an interntational Fellow, the contact's duties may extend into helping the Fellow set up a bank account, become familiar with campus software packages (Banner and Blackboard), etc. 

In conjunction with the Dean of the College, the nominating department or program will be expected to co-host a welcoming reception for the Brown Foundation Fellow at the first faculty meeting of the semester.

Terms of Employment

Brown Foundation Fellows are appointed for only one semester. Expectations for that semester:
  • Teach one regular, 4-hour class, following the academic practices and policies of the University;
  • Engage with students outside of class time;
  • Participate in the new faculty orientation program; 
  • Attend the first faculty meeting of the semester (to be introduced);
  • Offer at least one public presentation related to the Fellow's discipline.
Brown Fellows may also propose to:
  • Offer workshops for students and/or faculty;
  • Carry out projects that will have a visible, lasting impact on our campus;
  • Provide consulting services in connection with University projects, goals, initiatives, or the Strategic plan;
  • Contribute to the College curriculum by offering a mini-course or a small section or module in a given syllabus;
  • Hold community office hours, social hours, and/or informal public discussions to include students and faculty.
Brown Foundation Fellows will receive the following compensation:
  • Emerging Scholar-Fellow: stipend of $30,000 for the semester
  • Distinguished Scholar-Fellow: stipend of $50,000 for the semester
  • Scholar-Fellow in Residence (short-term): variable stipend of up to $50,000 in special cases
All Brown Foundation Fellows will receive:
  • Campus office with computer;
  • University housing (available approximately August 1 - December 20 and January 5 - May 31);
  • $1,000 to assist with relocation;
  • Free parking permit and access to the Fowler recreation center

International Brown Foundation Fellows will receive assistance with completing visa requirements.

The formal academic position will be "Brown Foundation Fellow in [discipline]."