teach & tell

2015-2016 Teach & Tell Presentations

Teaching with Data (Kristen Cecala and Emily White)
This teach & tell will focus on the use of data-enhanced learning experiences in science classes and labs. Examples will be discussed that focus on teaching climate science literacy by integrating knowledge and methods across disciplines. The Teaching Climate Literacy Using Data (T-CLoUD) project will be described, including the development of web-based, blended learning modules and related efforts to build an inter-institutional collaboration. 

Blogging/Wordpress (Pradip Malde)
Featuring Pradip Malde (Prof. of Art), who has been a pioneer at Sewanee in the use of blogs in the classroom and beyond. Pradip presents "Wordpress: Sandy houses on a rock. How I use a solid blogging platform for dynamic syllabi, content and student engagement.” If you’ve ever tried blogging or thought about trying it, please join us for this discussion, which is relevant to all disciplines.  

Would You Like a Map with That? (Chris Van de Ven) [and other resources]
Chris Van de Ven, GIS instructor and director of the Landscape Analysis Lab presents: "Would you like a map with that? Adding your own maps, data, and spatial analyses is easier than you think.” This is a useful session for all disciplines, and we hope many of you will join us to find out how maps can enhance your classes.

Debates in the Classroom (Tim Jesurun) [and other resources]
This talk will cover the value of formal debates in the classroom, my experiences with formal debates this semester, and how other faculty can use debates in their classes. I use formal debates in my class because they require students to do research, form coherent and well-reasoned arguments, respond to opposing views, and think on the spot, which are all goals I have for my students. I will share the successes I have had along with ways that I would improve what I am doing in the future. We will end by considering how formal debates can be used in a variety of courses to meet different needs, with a special focus on the courses and needs raised by those in attendance.

Balancing Teaching and Research (Kelly Whitmer)
Kelly Whitmer discusses how to pursue an intentional correspondence between research and teaching. We hope you will join us as Kelly shares her experiences and successes, as part of our ongoing conversation about how to balance research and teaching, particularly in light of rising expectations. 

Short-Term Field Classes (Russell Fielding)
This talk will focus on the planning and teaching of short-term field classes, defined as courses that take place off-campus for durations of one week to one month.  This type of class can fill a niche by providing international or domestic field experience for students in place of, or in addition to, the traditional semester-long study abroad programs.

Balancing Teaching and Research (Reinhard Zachau, Rob Bachman, & Kelly Whitmer)
The forum will focus on the art of balancing teaching with the pursuit of an active research agenda and publishing. Given the changes in the faculty teaching load and Sewanee’s newly established tenure requirements in most departments, the time is right to discuss (and ideally to create) clearer parameters for faculty research expectations across the college. Panelists will address the differences in research approaches and expectations in their particular disciplines; they will also focus on their own strategies for balancing high quality teaching with research. The panelists will offer a number of suggestions, including individual scholarship, collaborative scholarship, and student-faculty scholarship. This panel is conceived of as a dialogue between senior and junior faculty. With Sewanee’s recent institutional changes, the reduced teaching load and new individual department requirements, this dialogue should provide an opportunity for renewed discussion of research expectations and the relationship between teaching and research.