Teach and Tell: Blogging for research, writing, and discussion

February 23 at 12:30pm 

Our first teach & tell of the semester will be with Melody Crowder-Meyer (Asst. Prof. of Politics) entitled: Blogging for research, writing, and discussion.

Melody received a CFT Innovative Teaching grant last year to develop a class blog and set of blogging assignments that students used to gather research on a congressional campaign and election over the course of the fall 2016 semester, write rough drafts of analyses of the content/data they gathered, and interact with each other (ideally) about course content and the research they were doing.

Students then wrote a final paper from the information they'd gathered in their blogs during the semester.

Melody will talk about what worked and what didn't with this approach and the challenges of instituting this kind of assignment without completely overloading yourself with work. 

Lunch will be provided.

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