Teach and Tell: The Upper-Level Seminar with Elise Kikis

When: March 2 @ 12:30pm

Where: Center for Teaching, DuPont Library

Prof. Elise Kikis was offered a CFT Innovative Teaching grant last year to revise an existing upper-level course to incorporate the CREATE (Consider, Read, Elucidate the hypotheses, Analyze and interpret the data, and Think of the next Experiment) method of teaching biology that was pioneered by Sally Hoskins of City University of New York and Kristy Kenyon of Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

The result is a “speaking intensive” course on the Biology of Aging that allows students to explore in detail the unique approaches taken by five different research groups to address the questions underlying aging. Teaching and learning tools include formal presentations by the professor to model the ways that we talk about science, informal presentations by students on small parts of scientific papers, and formal oral presentations.

By the end of the semester, the students were so engaged with the material that they were able to take ownership of the classroom, assuming much of the responsibility for teaching and learning. 

Lunch provided.