New CFT Initiative: Student Advisory board

student advisory board
Announcing an exciting new initiative at the CFT and request for your help:
The CFT is looking for six students to join our first CFT student advisory board. We are looking for students who:
  • Are thoughtful in the ways they engage with peers, faculty, and staff.

  • Are forthright in expressing their opinions and ideas.

  • Take an active and reflective role in their learning.

  • Work well in collaborative settings.

  • Represent a diverse range of backgrounds, abilities, interests, experiences, and perspectives.

  • Are dependable and reliable.

We see this as an opportunity for student development, so we are not necessarily seeking the “usual suspects.” What about that student who has thoughtful contributions in class discussion? That student who has faced and overcome challenges in the classroom? The one who seeks feedback and opportunities for reflection? The ones who have the potential to be campus leaders, even if they don’t know it yet?

Use this quick and easy form to nominate 1 or more students for this opportunity to lend their voices to conversations happening in the CFT. We anticipate it should take no more than 5 minutes to submit your nominations on the form. 

Thank you for your help!