Creating a Sustainable (and Pleasurable!) Writing Practice: A Workshop with Dr. Jennifer Askay

Jennifer Askey

Thursday, October 18

Sponsored by the Sewanee Writing Center

This workshop will offer participants an opportunity to work closely with Dr. Jennifer Askey (The University of Alberta), an internationally renowned professional, academic writing coach. She will be speaking with us about how to form a writing practice that is sustainable throughout the year, but (more importantly) which is also pleasurable and fulfilling.

The session will focus first on practical, applied techniques that help to organize and motivate writing and research progress. However, it will also speak to some of the “softer” challenges of how to find energy and motivation in your work, how to make space for yourself and your writing, and how to create the feel of a “writing retreat” within the many other professional and personal obligations we all face.

The workshop will take place in the CFT, and we will have a small array of snacks and refreshments to keep spirits up. If you are planning to tackle research tasks over the Fall Break, this is the perfect opportunity to shift your focus to your writing, with a host of new ideas and techniques to motivate you!

If you are interested, please fill out the registration form: