Peter Frederick to Visit Sewanee

The Center for Teaching is thrilled to announce the visit of Peter Frederick, Jane and Frederic M. Hadley Professor and Chair of History Emeritus at Wabash College. Active in faculty development since the mid-1970s, Frederick has helped develop many college and university centers for teaching and learning, and led hundreds of workshops at colleges and consortiums throughout the United States and United Kingdom. His pedagogical writing and workshops have focused on engaged, innovative, student-centered, active learning, on discussions, diversity and effective intercultural education, and on the uses of stories, rituals, visual imagery, and emotions in the classroom.

Frederick also does workshops on inclusive, multicultural course redesign as well as other issues. He will conduct an interactive session titled: "Controversy and Connections in the Classroom: The Power of Stories, Social Identities, and Student Engagement in Enhancing Learning." Frederick’s visit was sparked by requests from several faculty to bring someone to campus to help us deal with controversial and/or “uncomfortable” topics and moments in our classes. 

The work session will take place Friday, April 10th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in the Mary Sue Cushman room at the Women’s Center. We will have coffee, tea, and desserts. Professor Betsy Sandlin will send out a request for information for those faculty who want to attend, in order to help Peter prepare for his visit. If you cannot attend the session but would like to meet with Peter during his visit, individually or in small groups, please let Betsy Sandlin or Deon Miles know. He is interested in working with as many faculty, groups, or departments as possible on issues of inclusion in the classroom as well as faculty development more generally.