Sean O’Rourke: Public Speaking and All Other Speaking

Please join us WEDNESDAY, 10/28, 4:30-5:30 as Sean O’Rourke, Brown Foundation Fellow and Professor of Rhetoric at Furman University, presents the second talk in his series: Public Speaking and Liberal Education.

2. Public Speaking and All Other Speaking

Taking its cue from Cicero’s comment in the de oratore (III.v.23) that “eloquence is one . . . , regardless of the regions of discourse it is diverted into,” this talk strives to make the case that an education in public speaking is also an education in good oral communication and listening generally. The gist of this talk is that a liberal arts-based course in public speaking will help to improve an entire suite of communication skills, including researching topics and controversies; identifying key questions, issues, and claims; assessing and evaluating rhetorical situations, circumstances, and locations; organizing materials; building different kinds of cases; delivering the speech using appropriate tone, movement, gestures, and platforms; listening to other points of view; responding appropriately; recognizing and adapting to different audiences; and remembering and bringing to bear salient material as needed – all the while considering and responding to the ethical norms of the community and the speaker. Please join us at the Center (2nd floor, duPont library). Light refreshments will be available.