Grants Programs

Department and Program Enhancement Grants


The Center for Teaching is pleased to announce a grant program specifically designed to support departments and programs working collaboratively to undertake significant curricular revision or other work that would benefit from time and space above and beyond regular department/program meetings.   

Examples may include but are not limited to the following:

Meetings/retreat to:

  • restructure curriculum for major and/or minor
  • revise comprehensive exams
  • revise general education courses
  • rework assessment methods
  • design mentoring initiative in response to an influx of new faculty
  • pursue accreditation from professional organizations
  • establish or revise department/program purpose and goals, mission/vision statements, learning outcomes, etc.
Guidelines and suggestions:
  • Proposals must include a detailed budget and justification. Please make efforts to minimize costs when possible.
  • While being off campus can be beneficial, a justification for this must be included for how the new site will add value to your work. [The Center for Teaching is available to reserve by contacting one of the co-directors. The CfT provides AV, whiteboard walls, teleconferencing, video recording, coffee, and tea. Depending upon timing, there may also be someone available at the CfT for assistance.]
  • Funding for meals may be included.  When submitting a grant proposal, you will be asked to report which meals you wish to be supported by the grant.  Please consult GSA per diem rates as a guide for determining meal costs.
  • Childcare expenses may be included.
  • No faculty stipends will be considered for these grants.
  • Proposals must indicate the number of individuals that will be directly involved in the grant-related work.
  • Preference for funding will be given to new applicants to this grant program.  
  • Grants will not cover overnight lodging or mileage for Sewanee faculty or staff.  
  • Honoraria, overnight lodging, and travel expenses for external experts (e.g., facilitators) may be included.
  • Preparation for external reviews is covered by the Dean of the College and not eligible for this grant program.  
  • Grant recipients will be expected to submit to the CfT a final report of work accomplished.