Leadership starts with personal commitment. It is transformed through collaborative sharing of the work of leadership with others, and is ultimately intended to serve others and society at large.

-Leadership for a Better World, 2nd Edition 

Welcome to the Center for Leadership 

The Sewanee Center for Leadership was established to advance leaders and leadership in order to fulfill the University's mission, foster continual University improvement, and achieve the values of EQB. The center provides an institutional structure for our community's leadership development. It facilitates creative problem-solving, collaboration across groups, and our ability to harvest collective knowledge—and spur the action needed—to move Sewanee into the future.

The center’s core values are:

●  Inclusion, mutual respect, and honesty;

●  Reflection in pursuit of growth; and

●  Empowerment toward transformative change.

We aspire to demonstrate our values:

●  Through self-reflection;

●  Through collaboration and listening to others;

●  By taking risks, experimenting, and failing; and

●  Through a commitment of applying the knowledge gained from failure to support future success.

This guiding document provides an overview of the Sewanee Center for Leadership, its structure and basic operations. It is a living, narrative document that will be continuously updated as the center develops over time.

Why a Center for Leadership?

Higher education faces significant disruption due to technology, social, economic, and political pressures. For many institutions, growth in enrollment no longer means growth in revenue or resources and the recruitment and retention of students, faculty, and staff is increasingly competitive. According to the American Council on Education, “colleges and universities are under extraordinary pressure not only to produce more and better-trained, skilled graduates but also to do so with decreasing revenues.”[1]

Sewanee faces specific challenges including:

●  Competition for outstanding students, faculty, and staff;

●  Retention of the employees and students that we work tirelessly to bring here; and

●  Creating an exceptional place to work and learn.

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