Prof. Holloway publishes new book on Philippians

Holloway - Philippians Book

Prof. Paul Holloway's new book, Philippians: A Critical and Historical Commentary (Hermeneia, 2017), has now appeared.

Adapting the methodology of what he calls a new history of religions perspective, Holloway attends carefully to the religious topoi of Philippians, especially the metamorphic myth in chapter 2, and draws significant conclusions about Paul's personalism and "mysticism." With succinct and judicious treatments of pertinent exegetical and theological issues throughout, Holloway draws richly on Jewish, Greek, and Roman comparative material to present a complex understanding of the apostle as a Hellenized and Romanized Jew. 

It will be reviewed next year in the annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature in Denver and the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas in Athens, Greece.

Excerpts from some significant reviews by scholars include:

  • "... displays a superb mastery of a massive range of both Jewish and non-Jewish materials"--Prof. Christopher Tuckett, Oxford
  • "Holloway has succeeded masterfully in bringing Paul's mythological thinking to light"--Prof. Charles Stang, Harvard
  • "... a wonderful commentary; concise, informed, fair ... always fresh"--Prof. Samuel Vollenweider, Zurich
  • "... a brilliant, and readable, contribution"--Prof. Amy-Jill Levine, Vanderbilt
  • "... represents the very best of historical scholarship ... draws on encyclopedic knowledge of Hellenistic philosophy and rhetoric and Jewish apocalyptic and mystical traditions"--Prof. John Barclay, Durham

Philippians: A Critical and Historical Commentary can be purchased here.