British Royal Society features research by Associate Professor Kelly J. Whitmer

Frontispiece from Otto Freiherr von Münchhausen, Der Hausvater. Erster Teil, Dritte Auflage (Part I, 3rd edition). Hannover: Försters, 1771

What do efforts to create visions for the future, or "dreamscapes," tell us about particular moments and communities in the past? Often, they can tell us quite a lot, explains Sewanee Professor Kelly Whitmer in a recent online interview featured on the British Royal Society's publishing blog. The interview announces a special issue of its journal for the History of Science, Notes and Records, focused on "Expectations and Utility in Eighteenth Century Knowledge Economies." Whitmer co-edited this special issue and also contributed an article about educational reform, pedagogical expectations, and the practice of imagining futures.