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Part journal, part newsletter, the Journal of Sewanee Science will highlight all the exciting work that science students are doing in Sewanee. The disciplines covered will be biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, forestry, geology, and environmental studies. The Journal of Sewanee Science will be published once each semester and cover traditional research projects, as well as review articles, highights from Sewanee alumni in graduate school and beyond, news and views of hot topics in science, and more.  

Submission Deadlines are posted in Spencer Hall

Submit all materials to the editorial board by email:

There are several types of articles you can submit

Reprint Permission

If your article includes a figure(s) that was previously published in another journal, you must obtain permission from that journal to use it in your JoSS article. This sometimes even applies to your own previously published data. This rule differs between journals, so it is necessary to always check with the journal. When submitting an article with previously published figures to JoSS, you must demonstrate that reprint permissions were received.

Some journals offer blanket permissions and they indicate this on their websites. This is true for all of the PLoS publications, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, and others. In those cases, a screen-shot of the website describing the blanket permission policy should be included with your submission to JoSS.

Many other journals including Science, Nature, and Cell use an on-line permissions request form through the Rightslink® service. Other journals require an email be sent to the office in charge of preprint permissions.

Regardless of the method that a given journal uses to grant reprint permissions, the system is rarely onerous and permissions are almost always granted to authors of review articles, theses, dissertations, etc. It gets a little more complicated for commercial material such as textbooks, but that is not something that JoSS authors need to worry about.

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