Couple Responds to Hippocrates Challenge

October 22, 2015
by Travis Nadalini, C'19

Gillian and Dr. Bruce W. Steinhauer have recently given a very generous gift in support of the Hippocrates Challenge: a funding campaign that hopes to connect classroom learning to postgraduate achievement in the realm of medicine. The Hippocrates Challenge was started with a $500,000 donation by an anonymous donor who is challenging other friends of Sewanee to donate three dollars for every dollar of the challenge gift, which would boost the pre-medical program’s core endowment to 2 million dollars. Plans for utilizing the money include supporting pre-health advising, expanding the opportunities for internships, and improving and upgrading resources. These plans would likely boost the percentage of Sewanee students who go on to medical school. 

Although Gillian, a lawyer, and Bruce, a physician, did not attend Sewanee, they are extremely fond of it. Their strong connection to the Episcopal Church led to the application of their daughter, Elspeth, who graduated in 2005. In addition, their grandson, Calvin Steinhauer, is currently a junior at Sewanee. Dr. Steinhauer’s work as a professor of internal medicine has heavily occupied him in the involvement of educating residents (recent graduates of medical school who are still in training) and medical students; therefore, Dr. Steinhauer understands the importance of the best possible health education, which is why he is so willing to contribute to the health education at Sewanee. 

By giving money, the Steinhauer’s have responded to the Hippocrates Challenges. They have provided Sewanee with an opportunity to increase value, access, and opportunities for its pre-med students, and in doing so, have established themselves as role models for other other passionate people with the means to contribute.