Unrestricted Gift Allows Sewanee the Freedom to Address Multiple Needs

October 22, 2015

David Bale C’87 and his wife, Ellie, have recently given a very kind donation to Sewanee. According to David Bale, a university is “only as strong as the faculty it can attract and the environment it can provide for the students.” Through Bale’s donation to the school, he is supporting a long-term plan for enhancements and improvements, which will ensure that Sewanee “not only maintains its current status as a great place to live and learn, but also raises its game to another level from many perspectives.”

Bale’s gift is unrestricted. He simply wants to help the University in whichever way is most needed. But Bale does have some goals for Sewanee. He would like to see Sewanee expand its international reach and offer a true business degree at some point over the next few years. He would also like to see improvements to the meeting and gathering common areas, such as the plan being considered for the Bishops Common. Finally, he is hopeful that the school can step up its financial aid. Bale’s gift is sure to support all of these goals, especially considering Sewanee’s current drive to increase access, value, and opportunity for students, which is extremely dependent on generous benefactors like Bale.