Rental Housing Application

PDF Version of this application is available here:  ‌Rental Housing Application
Please refer to the Rental Housing Policy for information eligibility and timelines.


Name of Applicant: ___________________________     Application Date: ________________________

Present Address:   ___________________________      Home Phone:       _________________________

                              ___________________________      Work Phone:        _________________________

                              ___________________________      Cell Phone:           _________________________

Email Address:  _______________________________________________



Department:  ___________________________    Title of Position:  ______________________________

Check applicable categories:

             ____  Tenure-track

             ____  Sabbatical replacement for _________________________(indicate time period)

             ____  Temporary appointment for ________________________ (indicate time period)

             ____  Regular employment (indefinite term)

Anticipated Arrival Date:  ________________________ No arrivals before August 1.



Check applicable categories:

____  Married Undergraduate, class of ______ (Requires prior written permission from the Office of Residential Life.  Please attached letter granting approval.) 

             ____  Regular 3 year M. Div

             ____  1 yr. Anglican Studies

             ____  Other, please specify:  _______________________________

Dates you will be enrolled:  ____________________________________

Anticipated Arrival Date:  _________________________ No arrivals before August 1.


Number of residents:

Adults _______    Children _______ 

Pet Registration Information:

Cats _______    Dogs_______    Ferrets_______   Other_______

The University of the South reserves the right to prohibit and limit the number of pets in a unit. Dogs, cats, and ferrets require pet deposits.


1)  Would you prefer a house ______, apartment ______, either is fine ______.

(Note:  Houses are typically more expensive than apartments, and small houses are in short supply.)

2)  Minimum number of bedrooms REQUIRED:  _______  Number preferred:  _______

(Note:  We sometimes do not have the housing with extra bedrooms available to assign to singles or couples with no children.)

3)  Minimum number of bathrooms REQUIRED:  _______   Number preferred:  _______

4)  Maximum monthly rental amount you are willing to consider:  $_______ (Please provide an estimated amount to assist our department regarding placement options)

5)  Will you require a furnished unit?  ____ yes  ____  no (Note:  Limited availability and are reserved for short-term tenant accommodations) No guarantee of availability is given.  Pets are not allowed in furnished units.

Smoking is prohibited in all University Housing, including e-cigarettes.

Are there any special needs or circumstances that should be considered, i.e. handicap accessibility, severe allergies, etc.--please be specific about your needs):



Please feel free to comment on any aspect of housing that you feel is particularly important to you or your family:



I have read the information provided in this application and hereby request University rental housing.  I understand housing is on a first come first service basis and no guarantee of placement is made. Applicants applying by April 15 will be given priority consideration once the application is active. 

I understand that this application will not become active until a) EMPLOYEES: I have officially accepted an offer of employment by the University and have met all employment requirements or b) STUDENTS: I have officially accepted an offer of admission to the University and met all requirements for enrollment.

Date:  _________________     Signed:  _________________________________________________

 Please return the completed application to:

Rental Housing Office

The University of the South

735 University Avenue

Sewanee, TN  37383-0001

(931) 598-1416 Fax   (931) 598-1358 Office

E-mail to 

Attn:  Melissa Burnette or Sarah Gore or 


Date application received in RH office:                           _________________________

Date accepted School of Theology (if applicable):          ­­­­­ _________________________

Date offer of admission or employment letter:              _________________________