Pet Information

Pets are a normal and welcome part of a typical household.  Pets (dogs, cats, gerbils, ferrets, fish, etc.) are permitted in most University rental units provided that permission to house a pet is requested in advance, and pets are properly cared for and not allowed to become a nuisance. The rental housing office reserves the right to limit the total number of pets in a unit or prohibit pets in some units. Under no circumstance will pets be allowed in a University furnished unit.

Tenants with pets are required to complete a Pet Registration Form, receive approval from the rental housing office, and pay any deposits required before the pet is acquired or moved to rental housing. A pet deposit of $300 is required for each dog, cat, or ferret. Pet owners are responsible for any damage to the unit, the grounds, or the property of others that is caused by pets. This responsibility includes the cost of spraying for fleas after the tenant has moved out. Carpet or flooring stained or damaged will be billed at replacement cost plus labor. Pet deposits will be used to cover the costs of these damages, and any costs not covered by the deposit will be billed to the tenant. Charges will be assessed and billed at the University's discretion.

Tenants should not pet sit or shelter unregistered animals in their unit.  Tenants will be assessed  Please contact the housing office if there are extenuating circumstances.

For your convenience we have provided the link to the Dog Policy which is available on the Provost's website.