Arrival Procedures


When you arrive in Sewanee, please go to your unit and call the rental housing office at 931.598.1358 to schedule an appointment for check-in.  The appointment will last about 30 minutes to complete the Rental Housing Agreement and other necessary paperwork.  If you arrive during a weekend or late evening, please call the following business day to arrange your appointment.  All rent, fees, and unpaid deposits will be due at this time.  An estimate will have been provided to you based on your intended move-in date once the office received the housing acceptance documentation.

When you check-in, you will receive two (2) copies of a Condition Report for the unit you have been assigned. You will need to review the information concerning this unit carefully during your move-in process. If you find additional comments that need to be added to this report, please note them, using a different color ink if possible. Either mail or bring your amended Condition Report to the Housing Office.  If the office does not receive this copy back within the time allowed, it will be assumed that the tenant agrees with the office's assessment of the condition of the unit. The Condition Report on file will be used to determine the charge for cleaning or repairs beyond normal wear when the tenant vacates the unit.


Rental Housing makes temporary arrangements for utility services to be functioning upon your arrival. Water and electrical utilities will be in service at the unit when you arrive. Natural Gas service will not be in service.  PLEASE NOTE- utility services will be discontinued the fifth business day after your arrival. To avoid an interruption of service, you will need to go to or contact each office, complete an application form and pay the required fee.  Please call each before your visit to determine their current deposit requirements and other fees. 

Electricity: Duck River Electric Membership Corporation (DREMC),, 931-598-5228, 13083 Sollace M Freeman Highway, Sewanee.

Gas (for those units with gas): Elk River Public Utility District (ERPUD),, 931-967-2110, 1416 Dinah Shore Boulevard, Winchester.

Water: Sewanee Utility District (SUD),, 931-598-5611, 150 Sherwood Road, Sewanee.

Cable Provider: Charter Communication, 866-472-2200, offers bundled services for tv, phone, and internet.

Telephone Provider:  AT&T, 800-288-2020, also offers bundled services for tv, phone, and internet. 


Tenants have several options regarding mail delivery.

  1. University faculty and staff addresses are 735 University Avenue, Sewanee TN 37383.  School of Theology faculty, staff, and student addresses are 335 Tennessee Avenue, Sewanee, TN 37383.
  2. You may choose instead to have your USPS personal mail delivered to your unit (at its 911 address) or to a box at the Sewanee Post Office. For these options, please contact the Sewanee Postmaster at 931-598-5979.