Revised June 2017
PURPOSE: Provide additional guidance and clarification for supervisors and employees regarding Volunteer Emergency Personnel Procedures.
BACKGROUND: University of the South Staff Handbook Section 320 addresses regulations for community members who serve on the Sewanee Volunteer Fire Department or the Sewanee Emergency Medical Service. Facilities Management (FM) has several employees that provide volunteer emergency services in the Fire Department and/or Emergency Medical Service. Information in this memo in no way supersedes existing policy, but is intended to provide additional guidance for supervisors and employees. FM recognizes the value of volunteer service and appreciates the sacrifice made by employees that participate in this program. 
GUIDANCE: Sewanee Staff Handbook Section 320 (2.) establishes policy regarding Compensatory Time. “When a public safety emergency requires the services of a regular staff member who has passed the introductory period between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. on the night before a work shift, that staff member may arrive late for work without loss of pay, with the time allowed being equal to the time lost to the emergency.” Since PPS has several employees providing emergency service we have the unique possibility of having all employees in a critical skill involved in after hours emergency response. For example: all of our electricians could potentially be off at the same time due to this policy. Therefore, to provide adequate coverage and response during normal duty hours employees may, with the approval of their supervisors defer pay for volunteerservice time if it is in the best interest of the university and the employee in no way jeopardizes safety. Prior to exercising this option the supervisor and the employee will evaluate the potential risk involved and verify that the employee has had sufficient rest and can perform his/her duties safely. If an employee defers pay for volunteer service time the supervisor will ensure the employee uses accrued pay in the same work week.