Sick Meals

Sick meals are available for all students and are prepared to provide comfort and sustenance to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Students may order sick meals using the Sick Meal Order Form below.

Sick meals are typically a combination of menu items designed to be mildly seasoned and easy to eat, digest and tolerate for most common illnesses like the flu. If you have allergies or other special dietary requirements, please make note of them on the Sick Meal Order Form. Also important is that you provide the name of the friend that will be picking up your sick meal and a contact number. Sewanee Dining and Residential Life do not provide sick meal delivery service.

Below are some menu guidelines, which will change based on scheduled daily offerings.

A sick meal may include: Orange or Apple juice and tea bag

  • Breakfast may include: Hot cereal and a baked breakfast pastry, bagel or toast
  • Lunch may include: A large bowl of clear broth soup du jour, soft rolls or bread and crackers, jello, pudding or similar dessert
  • Dinner may include: A hot soup or home line entree or pasta entree and 2 side dishes such as mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, squash or others. Dessert jello, pudding or similar dessert.


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