English/Literature History Language & Culture Philosophy & Religion Economics Politics International & Global Studies Environmental Studies Natural Resources/Geology/Forestry Mathematics/Computer Science Psychology Sciences Other Interdisciplanary Other Technology Research Energy Arch/Const/Engineering Sales Marketing/Advertising Management/Consulting Banking/Financing Law Health/Medicine Hospitality Government/Public Service Environmental Non-profit Religious or Social Service Education Writing/Publishing Arts/Entertainment Art/Music/Theatre
Rollover a subject or career to view the data.

Using the infographic

Rollover any academic areas to see the relationship between the academic area of study and career outcomes or vice versa.

Interpreting the infographic

Academic areas of study are listed on the left side of the graphic; career outcomes are listed on the right side. The size of the specific academic areas and career outcomes blocks represent the percentage of graduates included in each. English/literature, history, economics, politics, and sciences are the academic areas with the largest blocks; therefore, the majority of graduates represented majored in these areas.

Lines represent Sewanee graduates from the various areas of study who have found careers in the fields listed. The thickness of the lines corresponds to the number of graduates represented.

This infographic represents the relationship between major and the ultimate career outcomes for 9,200 Sewanee alumni.

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