Requesting Letters of Recommendation

Sewanee faculty members write numerous letters of recommendation each year on behalf of current and former students. Request an appointment two to three months in advance of your deadline to discuss your plans. Be sure to ask your potential recommender if he or she feels comfortable writing you a strong letter of recommendation. You may receive "no" as the answer; if so, move on and ask someone else.

Here are the materials you should provide to those who write your letters of recommendation:

  • A preliminary list of the graduate programs you are considering
  • Your transcript
  • Copies of two or three graded papers or projects that represent the quality of your work
  • Your statement of purpose (which the recommender should be asked to critique)
  • Your resume or C.V.
  • A brief list of what you think would be most important for a graduate program to know about you
  • Clear instructions for submitting the letter and stamped, addressed envelopes if the letters will not be submitted electronically
  • When you need the letters submitted

You can complete this form and provide it to the faculty members who will write your letters of recommendation. 

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