Endowed Internship Funds

Sewanee's internship funding program is funded by over 36 internship funds, foundation grants, and gifts from individuals, including alumni-sponsored annually funded internships. Donors have helped establish internships in the arts, medicine, business, conservation, the sciences, and international studies. With much gratitude, here is the list of the internship funds:

Art & Art History Internship Fund

The Powell and Patrick-Smith funds generously provide financial assistance to art and art history majors who wish to pursue a summer internship in studio art, art history, or an art-related profession.

Biehl International Research Fellowship

The Biehl International Research Fellowship is a research fellowship for students interested in conducting an independent social science research project outside of the United States that provides a challenging or broadening immersive experience, whether through language, culture, or environment. Sewanee students who are pursuing a major or minor in a social science are eligible to apply. Students design their own research topic; projects should facilitate substantial contact with the society to be studied and should be focused in one area, or a few closely-related locales, rather than several sites. 

Business & Economics Internship Fund

Opportunities for business and economics experiences are available each summer through the generosity of the Bank of America, Bing, Camp, Degen, Doherty, Francis, Probasco, Scott, Smith, Waddell, Williams, and Wilson Funds.

Canale Internship Fund for Community Service & Leadership

The Canale endowment provides funding during the academic year (not during the summer) to students so that they can pursue a community service internship of their choosing. The internships are projects that benefit the greater Sewanee community, while also developing the individual intern’s leadership, communication, emotional, and analytical skills. Interns are self-directed but receive assistance from Sewanee's Office of Civic Engagement.

Career Exploration Internship Fund

The Boyd and Stephenson Funds provide stipends for students to do unpaid summer internships in any field.

Civic Engagement Internship Fund

Funding to pursue internships with a civic engagement focus is provided by the Canale Endowment for Civic Engagement Internships and the Fund for Civic Engagement.

Environmental Studies Internship Fund

Through the generosity of the Brewster, Fitzsimons, Lankewicz, Leroy, Mellon, Moisio, Raoul, Sommer-Speck, and Thomas Funds, Sewanee can award internship funding for environment-related summer internships within and outside of the United States.  

Ministry & Service Internship Fund

These funds from the Goldsmith-Bread for the World Internship Fund and the Summer Discernment Institute Fund allow students to develop internships of vocational exploration in either church or social service-related organizations, or within service and non-profit spheres. 

Research Assistantships Fund

Opportunities for academic research are available each summer through the generosity of the Beatty, Davis-Pinson, Undergraduate Research, Greene, McGriff-Bruton, Mellon, and Yeatman Funds.

Public Affairs Internship Fund

The Tonya Memorial Foundation endowment of Chattanooga, TN, enables Sewanee students to accept otherwise-unpaid public affairs/policy internships. Public Affairs generally refers to the building and development of relations between an organization and politicians, governments, and other decision makers. Sewanee public affairs interns should be involved in the formation, implementation, or in activities contributing to the understanding of public policy. Tonya Public Affairs internships are often in the three branches of government, or in organizations dealing directly with the government; note that internships with partisan groups, corporate law firms, or groups engaged in political activism are not likely to be funded.

See list of Tonya Public Affairs Interns 1981 - present

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