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Strong preparation makes the difference in an interview! Review the guide below and set an interview with a member of our staff if you would like to have a practice interview session. We may be able to connect you with alumni in your area of interest who may be able to conduct a phone interview with you. We also offer BigInterview to help you prepare on your own. It's especially helpful when preparing for video interviews.  Use this template to think through stories and examples to share as you demonstrate your skills and competencies for the role. 

Interview questions generally are one of three types: biographical, behavioral, or technical/case interview. 

Biographical Interview Questions

Biographical interview questions are designed to get to know you better and are typically the first questions you will receive in an interview. Some examples are

  • "Walk me through your resume."
  • "How did you choose Sewanee?" 
  • "How did you choose to major in _____?" 
  • "What did you learn from being a varsity athlete?" 

Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral interview questions usually begin with "Tell me about a time when_____" and ask you to share your actions in past situations you may have encountered. 

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions

Using the STAR method to answer behavioral interview questions

Technical Interview Questions/Case Interview Questions

Those interviewing in finance will have to prepare to answer questions that demonstrate their quantitative expertise and understanding of investment banking. Candidates may be asked to explain how to value a company, how many manhole covers are in New York City, how a 10-k and a 10-q relate to each other, among other questions. Sewanee students have access to the Vault Guide to Finance Interviews (also available in print in our office), and our office has other resources to share. Please ask!

Those interviewing in consulting will have to prepare for a case interview. When in a case interview, candidates should:

  • Delineate the question and clarify the question at hand. Ask all of the questions you would want answers to before trying to develop an approach. 
  • Decide on an approach and make it customized and hypothesis-driven.
  • Be an active listener; you may be given additional pieces of information
  • Respond to additional data; possibly review some GRE, GMAT, or LSAT logic/math questions to become more prepared. 
  • Show the interviewer your logic and problem-solving skills. Quality, accuracy and precision are better than speed. 

Boston Consulting Group, Bain, and McKinsey have resources on their websites to prepare for case interview questions. 

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