Prepare a Resumé or a CV

A strong resume paints a clear, concise picture of your experiences, skills and strengths. For employers, resumes work as both introductions to and reminders of potential employees; many even use resumes as guidelines for interviews. For applicants, resumes are self-evaluation tools; creating, rereading and updating your resume can help you perceive what you can offer in the job market and to construct your career goals.

Not everyone's resume will look the same or have all of the same information, but a strong resume will be well-organized and will make it easy for the reader to find key information.

Resume guidelines for college students:

  • One page in length
  • Put the name that you want to be called at the top of the page; it is not a legal document, so your full name is not necessary
  • Order your experiences in reverse chronological order (most recent first)
  • Emphasize experience and skills of use to the job/internship/position
  • Print on high-quality paper (unless sending electronically)
  • No typographical errors
  • Be completely truthful
  • Remove most high-school experiences by the junior year


VMock is available for Sewanee students; upload your resume and receive actionable feedback within 30 seconds. Using sophisticated algorithms and data science, VMock analyzes hundreds of parameters from your profile and generates a personalized score leveraging a proprietary scoring engine. It provides point-by-point feedback to enable you to improve your resume.  

Jobscan is a tool that gives job seekers an instant analysis of how well their resume is tailored for a particular job and how it can be even better optimized for an ATS. Visit Jobscan and either paste in the text of your resume or upload a Word or PDF file, then paste the text of the job posting you’re interested in.

This article explains how to use Natural Language Processing tools to make sure your resume and LinkedIn skills section match job descriptions. 

Resume Worksheet - Use this if you are writing a resume for the first time; it contains detailed guidance on how to craft a resume.

Resume Templates

Resume Template-Google Doc with headers centered
Resume Template-Google Doc with headers left-aligned

Sample Resume

First Year/Sophomore Resume Sample
Junior/Senior Resume with Skills Sample
Fine Art Resume Samples 1, 2, and 3
Finance Resume Sample
Graphic Design Resume Sample
Teaching/Coaching Resume Sample
Teaching Fine Art Resume Sample

Helpful Resources

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Resume Power Words - Use these suggested action verbs to begin each of your entries
Choosing a font for your resume
Formatting your resume for scanning software

What If You Need a CV?

What is a CV?
Sample #1 of a CV
Sample #2 of a CV
Sample #3 of a CV

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Prepare a Resumé or a CV

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