Create a Reference List

Before creating a reference list, remember that the most important thing is first ASK those you would like to list if they would be willing to provide a strong recommendation for you. The best people to include on your list are ones who have had a supervisory role and who can attest to your work quality and ethic. A list of 2-4 names is acceptable. Each time you are asked to submit your list of references, make sure to inform those on your list and to provide them with a recent copy of your resume, a position description for the job, and possibly the qualities or experiences you hope they will highlight when speaking about you. A list of references is only submitted when requested; it is usually not sent to a prospective employer initially.

Remember to always include your name on your reference list document; many people choose to use the same heading that they use on their resume.

List of References Example

Letters of Recommendation

Some ACE internships require a LETTER of recommendation from a professor, a previous supervisor/employer, or other person who has had a supervisory role and can attest to your work ethic and to the quality of your work.  To request a letter of recommendation, email the person and ask them if they would be willing to do this for you; be sure to include when it is due (4 weeks advance notice is ideal, and no less than 2 weeks.) If they agree to do this, email your resume, the name of the person and their contact information so that they can write and send the letter, and briefly explain in your own words why you want this job or internship. All this information will help them to craft their letter.  

An alternative to writing a letter is to ask the professor or supervisor to fill out an online recommendation form, which is sent directly to the Career Center.

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