Sewanee partners with Real World Playbook to prepare seniors for life after graduation

Sewanee is thrilled to partner with Real World Playbook, a platform that helps students and recent graduates transition into life after school. From paying off student loans to saving for retirement, Real World Playbook’s online program, “Real World Ready”, provides students with critical knowledge and skills to thrive in life post-grad. Sewanee is committed to supporting students during this important life transition, and is excited to join top schools across the nation in launching on campus this year.

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The power of the Sewanee network

This week brought three examples of the power of the Sewanee network. 

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2017 Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee

The 13th annual Beyond the Gates was held on January 13-14, 2017. Forty-six alumni and parents returned to Sewanee to teach, coach, and mentor 76 students--all juniors and seniors. The weekend was packed with helpful information and plenty of time for conversation. 

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Summer Internship Opportunities Needed

Every summer, Sewanee students travel around the globe to engage in challenging and skill-building internships. Behind each of these internships lies a valuable resource: the internship sponsor. It is not easy to be an internship sponsor because it requires time, energy, and wisdom. Yet every summer, Sewanee alumni, parents, and friends step up to offer internships to our students. Sewanee students are eager to learn and experience different career fields, so will you consider offering an internship at your organization or company this summer? 


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Amy Nelson, C'15 reflects on Beyond the Gates

‌Without a doubt, Beyond the Gates was one of the best experiences of my college career. I attended both my junior and senior year and each time, I learned something new that paved the road to my current job. I had different goals both years I attended BTG. My junior year's goal was to figure out what I wanted to do for a living and my senior year's goal was to figure out how I could make it happen and with whom I needed to connect. 

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2015 Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee

2015 BTG Alumni and ParentsThe 11th annual Beyond the Gates event was held on January 9-10, 2015. Forty-seven alumni and parents returned to Sewanee to teach, coach and mentor 88 students--all juniors and seniors.

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South Cumberland Plateau New VISTA Program

Sewanee has received the great news that it will be an AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) site. Ten VISTA's will be hired to serve within community partners including the Chattanooga Area Food Bank Mobile Food Pantries for Local Schools, Discover Together (a collaboration between Sewanee, Scholastic, and Yale University), Grundy County Health Council, MountainTOP, and the South Cumberland Community Fund.

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2014 Beyond the Gates

‌The tenth annual Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee weekend was a highly successful event staffed by nearly 45 alumni and parent participants.

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Advice from Smith Career Day: Careers in the Entertainment Industry

‌Alumni Mallory Ervin C'09, Rondal Richardson C'91, Jay Williams C'94, and friend of Sewanee Mike Shepherd were on campus on Friday, February 22, 2013 for this semester's Smith Career Day which focused on Careers in the Entertainment Industry.

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Advice from Walter Davis, C’87

Walter Davis was on campus this week at the Graham Executive in Residence sponsored by the Babson Center for Global Commerce. Davis serves as a Morgan Stanley managing director and is the business head of the firm’s Managed Futures Department.

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2013 Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee

It's been a month since Beyond the Gates 2013, and we've had time to reflect, critique, and plan for next year's event. Just yesterday, a long-time Beyond the Gates volunteer and internship sponsor wrote to say, "I continue to get wonderful, heart-warming, personal, handwritten notes from Sewanee students whom I interviewed at Beyond the Gates. Wow, are these kids great!"

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Fall 2012 Smith Career Conversations: Careers in Finance


"I'm looking for someone who is driven, a good communicator, with a passion for what you do."

"Having the liberal arts background is a positive differentiator. Be confident."

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Happy New Year!

‌Classes began toda‌y, and we have already hosted two events associated with a new year.

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Creativity and Continuous Learning

Pete Cooper, president of the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, spoke to students yesterday about the changes that technology will bring in their lifetimes and how those changes will affect their working lives.

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Internship Advice from Elizabeth Wilson

Internship coordinator Elizabeth Wilson was recently interviewed by sophomore Chane Corp for a website that offers advice for Ukrainian students who hope to study in the United States. You can view it on their website.

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Qualities/Skills Sought By Employers

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently released its Job Outlook 2012 survey [link no longer available] through which employers rank the qualities and skills they seek in job candidates:

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2011 Tonya Luncheon

Today marked the annual Tonya Luncheon where Tonya Internship Board members get to enjoy lunch with the Tonya Public Affairs and Wilson Business & Economics interns.

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Busy week at Career & Leadership Development

Construction is now complete in our building. Thanks to the Babson Center for Global Commerce which shares our building, we've added an office (for the Babson Center staff) and a conference room.

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Beyond the Gates 2011 through the words of students

Today's mail brought notes to all five of us in Career & Leadership Development from students who participated in Beyond the Gates. Their words convey far more elegantly than mine the feeling and the emotion of the event.

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Beyond the Gates 2011

Building skills and relationships are the overarching goals of Beyond the Gates: Preparing for Life and Work after Sewanee. Skills are taught in interviewing, searching for jobs, career readiness, graduate and professional school admission, networking etiquette and business dining etiquette. Students easily understand that they will gain these skills just from reading the weekend's agenda.

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Jennifer Boles, C’94 blogs about design

Jennifer Boles, C'94, developed the design blog The Peak of Chic in 2006. Since that time, the accolades have poured in. Her latest form of praise came this week featured her in their Tastemaker Tag Sales at twilight. Congratulations, Jennifer!

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Be Focused. Be Directed. Be Connected.

"Students who have started their job search early, are flexible, and can express their skills and abilities in terms of how they add value to the organization will be in the best position to seize opportunities in this (still) very competitive job market. The best advice to students is:


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Smith Career Conversations: Business and Financial Services

Smith Career Conversations are held each September and February thanks to a generous gift from Joel A. Smith III. The annual September event focuses on careers in banking and the financial sector and seeks to prepare seniors for the upcoming round of fall interviews.

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Biehl Presentations

The Biehl International Research Internship is a self-directed, social science research internship conducted outside of the United States and other English speaking countries.

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Graduate and Professional School Admission Advice from Don Asher

Don Asher is the author of the best-selling guide to graduate and professional school admission, and he spent September 7, 2010 on Sewanee's campus. Several faculty members gathered at lunch to discuss writing letters of recommendation.

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Impact of Internships on Starting Salaries

The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently released their findings about the impact of an internship on a student's starting salary.

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2010-11 Assistant Proctors Participate in StrengthsQuest Workshop

‌Elizabeth Wilson, internship coordinator, led the 2010-11 assistant proctors through a StrengthsQuest workshop during their annual training.

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Sewanee Career Center

Welcome to the new Sewanee Career Center. We'll now be your resource for all your internships and career planning needs.

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