BRIDGE Program in Biomedical Sciences

Come Join Us, Right Here: J‌‌une 10-26, 2018

The intent of this residential program is to help a diverse group of students explore new subject matter in a collegiate environment that pushes them to engage in opportunities of a first-year college student at Sewanee. Student diversity is an important aspect of Bridge as each student’s background and experience provides a unique perspective that enriches our program and the campus community. 

The Sewanee Bridge Program offers students the chance to see what college life is like.  It is part camp with all the fun of outdoor adventures and camaraderie of peers, while also exploring college level sciences and math.  Bridge students will be exposed to courses like virology, human anatomy, molecular biology, embryology, as well as the humanities as they pertain to medical sciences and history of medicine.  Math is an integral part of all science curricula, and Bridge students will be exposed to calculus and how it can be used to model biological systems.  

Bridge students will select a preferred course track with specific electives to participate in for the duration of the program. At the close of the program, students will present a project relating to a topic of their choice with the guidance of the faculty.  

There is also plenty of free time to explore the campus and make lasting friendships.  We really want students to feel like Sewanee is their home.  We will have some group activities, like the ropes course that is always a great way to break the ice and get to know everyone, and optional activities like visits to the Ralston Listening Room or hiking to local caves on the Domain.  


Biomedical Sciences

These classes are designed to help students interested in Pre-Health (M.D. or other medical fields) or post-graduate work in the molecular sciences (Ph.D.) to get a head start on the coursework they will encounter as an undergraduate student.  

Confidence, knowledge, and experience are important parts of getting off to a great start in college. The most difficult year in college is often your freshman year, with new classes and the demands of college life. Grades are one of the most important factors in getting into professional programs, such as medicine, dentistry, and nursing. 

In addition to the classes, students will hear from health professionals to gain further insight into various fields of medicine and meet research interns who can show them current projects and real world applications. 

Biomedical science is an expansive discipline that covers molecular course work in biology, biochemistry, neuroanatomy, and embryology, and extends to mathematical coursework in statistics and calculus. Students will have several core courses to choose from to truly tailor their experience to their specific areas of interest.

Experiential Learning

What does it mean to go to a 3-week residential pre-collegiate program? 

Bridge Res. Life Bridge Res. Life 2 ‌‌IMG_3949

Bridge students will register for a series of courses, similar to enrolling in college, and will experience life on the Domain by staying in a residence hall.  Like college students, Bridge students will eat at the Sewanee dining hall and have access to Stirling's, the local coffee shop, during class breaks and in the evening.  The time outside of class is equally important to the Bridge experience and college life, thus, throughout the 3-week period students will be able to enjoy the Sewanee campus, including the gym, tennis courts, and our abundant trails and outdoor activities.

Every evening the Head Mentor will lead a discussion on important topics pertaining to the STEM sciences and help students reflect on their day experiences. The student mentors will answer any questions that students may have about what life is like at Sewanee and encourage a positive environment for discussion. Other components of the overall program are science literacy, career and leadership development, and field trips on the weekends to reinforce class time and explore the Sewanee area.  


Learning outside the class is just as, or even more important, as learning inside the classroom. The Bridge Program aims to fully give students experiences that will enhance critical thinking, leadership skills, and core knowledge in a variety of college course topics.

Program Schedule

These are sample schedules and courses that will be available for students to choose from.  


schedule 1


schedule 2

Course options that can be personalized to your interests in math and sciences.

Information about Applying


T‌‌he program cost is $1,785 

Tuition includes room, meals, and extracurricular activities such as trips to Chattanooga and Nashville.  In the past, trips have included climbing, IMAX movies, visits to local lakes for beach days, and campus exploration experiences.  

Financial aid is available upon request and can be selected on the application.  Upon acceptance to the program, we will send the financial aid application. 

When applying for aid with the Sewanee Bridge Program in Biomedical Sciences, the following will be taken into consideration: your financial aid application, your academic record, including grade point average, test scores, and your recommendations. We offer a limited number of full and partial aid packages to help with tuition. This aid is both merit and need-based, thus in your application to request aid you must clearly explain your financial need. 

Application review will begin March 31st and continue through May 1st. Spots fill quickly so get your application in early. We will begin notification of acceptance as early as mid-April. Expect your notification no later than the first week of May.