Admission Counselors

Admission Counselors

At Sewanee, we provide individual attention to each student during the admissions process. Your admissions counselor is available to you every step of the way. Below is an alphabetical listing of Sewanee's counseling staff which includes the territories they cover and 'must see' attractions when you visit campus. If you prefer, you can use this interactive counselor map.

Your counselor is based on the location of the high school you attend at the time of your graduation. If you attend a boarding school, select the location of that boarding school, not the location of your permanent residence.

If you do not see your area listed, please complete Request Information form and your request will be routed to the correct counselor.

Lee Ann Backlund, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, Vice President for Enrollment Planning

Lee Ann recommends that you walk to Green's View.

Taylor BairdC'15, Assistant Director of Admission

Territories: Colorado, Georgia (excluding Metro Atlanta), Central and South Florida, and North Carolina

Taylor recommends that you stop by Stirling's Coffee House for a specialty coffee or sandwich!

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Lisa Burns, Associate Dean of Admission

Territories: Hawaii, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Washington, West Virginia, and home-schooled applicants

Lisa recommends that you walk to the Blue Chair in the Village and have a fruit tea.

Sarah Butler, Associate Director of Admission

Territories: Connecticut (Fairfield County), Middle Tennessee (Nashville area), New York, Northern California 

Sarah recommends that you see Morgan's Steep, Lake Cheston, and the University Farm along this 2.5 mile loop

Ryan Cassell, Director of Admission

Territories: Alaska, Arizona, Southern California, Idaho, Iowa, Montana, Middle Tennessee (Franklin, Coffee, Grundy, and Marion counties), Nevada, New Mexico, North Florida, Utah, Wyoming

Ryan recommends that you walk through the Quad at dusk to see the setting sun shine through the Chapel windows.

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Curtis Johnson, C'14, Assistant Director of Admission

Territories: Arkansas, Georgia (Metro Atlanta area), Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and West Tennessee (Memphis area)

Curtis recommends that you walk out to see historic Hardee-McGee Field at Harris Stadium, the oldest collegiate football field in the South. 

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Richard Milby, C'15, Assistant Director of Admission

Territories: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, D.C.

Richard recommends that you check out the view from Proctor's Hall.

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Tim Neil, C'13, Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Territories: Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County), International Students, Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont

Tim recommends that you try the Caldwell Rim Trail.

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Ryan Poole, C'17, Admission Counselor

Territories: Alabama, Michigan, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota, East Tennessee (Chattanooga and Knoxville areas), Wisconsin and Transfer Students

Ryan recommends that you take a jog from Montgomery Field out to KA point and back.

‌Nancy York, C'11, Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Territories: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas

Nancy recommends that you hike to Lake Dimmick and take a swim at the end!

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