Lee Ann BacklundWe only make one decision when it comes to admission: We admit students who belong at Sewanee.

We believe the first step in becoming a Sewanee student is knowing that you belong at Sewanee. That's why one of our first steps in the admission process is for us to determine fit. At Sewanee, we take fit seriously.

Fit is about academic preparedness. We admit students with a range of secondary school academic performance. However, the first question we ask when reviewing an application is, “Can this student succeed academically here?”

Fit is about connection. Our rural location and tight-knit community mean that students must actively contribute to life outside the classroom. This is a community where we work, eat, live, and play together. Throughout a student's time here, they will build deep connections with peers, professors, and the Sewanee network at large. 

Finally, fit is about diving straight inWe work hard to get to know prospective students, and we ask that they work hard to get to know us, too. Students who have engaged with us on campus, at college fairs, and via email can more confidently say that they fit at Sewanee—and we can more confidently agree with them.

And for students and families impacted by recent natural disasters, know that we doing everything at our disposal to ease this application process for you. Our office is ready to provide the support and flexibility required in times of great duress, as we do for all of our students throughout the year. From the first step to the last, the admission team is here for you. We look forward to working with you.

‌Lee Ann Backlund
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Vice President for Enrollment Planning

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