We only make one decision when it comes to admission: We admit students who belong at Sewanee.

We believe the first step in becoming a Sewanee student is knowing that you belong at Sewanee. There are several steps that come after that one, but the final one in the admission process is for us to determine fit. At Sewanee, we take fit seriously.

Fit is about academic preparedness. We admit students with a range of secondary school academic performance. However, the first question we ask when reviewing an application is, “Can this student succeed academically here?”

Fit is about fitting in. Socially, Sewanee is not for everyone. Our rural location and tight-knit community mean that students must actively contribute to life outside the classroom. The “passing hello,” the Honor Code, the 13,000 acres of wilderness—Sewanee students must sustain and steward the most cherished things that Sewanee has to offer.

Finally, fit is about showing mutual interest and respect. We work hard to get to know prospective students, and we ask that they work hard to get to know us, too. Students who have engaged with us on campus, at college fairs, and via email can more confidently say that they fit at Sewanee—and we can more confidently agree with them.

From the first step to the last, the admission team is here for you. We look forward to working with you.

‌Lee Ann Backlund
Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
Vice President for Enrollment Planning

Tuition and fees

$54,500 guaranteed for four years (2016–17).

Advent (Fall) Semester direct billed expenses: $27,386

  • Tuition: $21,064
  • Fees: $272
  • Room and board: $6,050 

Easter (Spring) Semester direct billed expenses: $27,114

  • Tuition: $21,064
  • Fees: $0
  • Room and board: $6,050

Estimated annual indirect expenses (books, personal supplies, travel): $2,400 to $3,200
Total including estimated indirect expenses: $56,900 to $57,700
Estimated additional annual direct expenses for international students: ≈$2,000
Total including estimated indirect expenses (international students): $58,900

Net Price Calculator

Need-based financial aid

At Sewanee, we understand that an investment in private higher education is a substantial one for most families. Support from alumni and the University’s endowment enables us to provide students with scholarships, grants, and other financial aid programs in an attempt to keep cost from being the primary factor in your decision-making process.

Sewanee provides more than $26 million in institutional aid each year. In the 2015–2016 academic year, 81 percent of University students received some form of gift aid, including University aid, scholarships, remissions, and state or federal grants. In 2015, 83 percent of entering freshmen received financial aid from Sewanee. Over 40% of freshmen received need-based aid; their average gift aid from all sources was more than $28,000.

We look forward to working with you!

Beth Cragar
Associate Dean of Admission for Financial Aid

Need-based financial aid details



Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship
Full tuition, fees, room and board annually
2 awarded annually

Benedict Scholarship
Full tuition, fees, room and board annually
2 awarded annually

Wilkins Scholarship
$20,000 annually
100 awarded annually

Quintard Award
$15,500 annually
Number awarded determined annually

Fairbanks Award
$13,500 annually
Number awarded determined annually

Otey Award
$8,000 annually
Number awarded determined annually

Lancaster Award
$5,000 annually
Number awarded determined annually

Georgia4 Scholarship
$4,000 annually
Awarded to all applicants admitted from Georgia

Class of 2019 profile

Acceptance rate: 40.6%

Applicants: 4,509 (2,233 male, 2,276 female)
Acceptances: 1,830 (842 male, 988 female)
Enrollments: 469 (220 male, 249 female)

Enrolled yield: 25.6%

Secondary schools: 326 different schools (54.2% independent schools, 42% public schools)
Multicultural students: 6 (1.3%) Asian; 17 (3.6%) Black or African American; 34 (7.2%) Hispanic of any race; 13 (2.8%) Multiracial

SAT 50% combined: 1730–1960
ACT middle 50% composite: 26–30
Mean high school GPA: 3.66

Sewanee is test-optional

Student financial assistance: 84.7% received aid

34.8% non-need-based recipients
29% need-based aid recipients
20.9% combination of need-based and non-need-based aid recipients 

Geographical distribution: 38 states and the District of Columbia

Mid-Atlantic: 50 (10.7%)
New England: 14 (3%)
Southwest: 59 (12.6%)
U.S. citizens living abroad: 3 (0.6%)
Midwest: 24 (5.1%)
South: 294 (62.7%)
West: 13 (2.8%)
International (Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burma, China, Greece, Hungary, Nepal, Nigeria, Republic of Korea): 12 (2.6%)


April 12, 2016

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