Minor in Dance

The minor in dance is designed to offer the student a wide range of experiences that include technical training in multiple dance forms, a broad understanding of dance throughout history and in contemporary contexts, critical analysis of the art of dance, and participation in creating dances through performance, choreography, and theatrical production or design. 

Dance minors engage in coursework that provides fundamental body knowledge, historical and cultural perspectives, critical discourse, creative inquiry, and technical and artistic development within the discipline. 

Requirements for the Minor in Dance

The minor requires successful completion of the following:

Course Requirements  
Select two of the following: 8
Experiencing Dance History and Culture  
Dance Composition  
Dance Science and Somatics  
Select one of the following: 4
Elements of Production  
Elements of Design
Select three of the following technique courses: 1 6
Ballet I  
Jazz I  
Beginning Dance Techniques  
Tap I  
Modern I  
Ballet II  
Jazz II  
Tap II  
Modern II  
Ballet III  
Jazz III  
Modern III  
Select one additional DANC course 2-4
Total Semester Hours 20-22