Major in Theatre Arts

The major in theatre arts is designed to offer the student a strong foundation in all areas of the theatre: acting, directing, design, history, literature, and theory. The department expects its majors to augment their knowledge and experience in these disciplines by active participation in the full production program of Theatre Sewanee, the University theatre. The department also encourages its majors to supplement their work in theatre arts with courses offered by other departments — particularly in language, literature, music, art, and art history.

Students working toward the Bachelor of Arts in theatre are expected to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Completion of a minimum (44) semester hours in theatre arts, including:
    • Thtr 111:  Elements of Production (4)
    • Thtr 112:  Elements of Performance (4)
    • Thtr 114:  Elements of Design (4)
    • Thtr 221:  Theatre History (4)
    • Thtr 231:  The Actor's Way (4)
    • and either Thtr 342:  Scene Design (4), Thtr 344:  Lighting Design (4), or Thtr 361:  Costume Design
    • 20 additional hours in theatre from studio offerings in major interest areas (20)
    1. Performance
    2. Design/Production
    3. Performance Studies
  2. The completion of six Theatre Practicums, one in each studio area, plus three additional. The practicum is intended to link the production program more closely to the academic program. Each major must complete six practicums in order to participate in the comprehensive exam. One practicum must be completed from each Studio area, and the other three are left to individual choice.
  3. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination that includes a Senior Project that demonstrates a particular competence in acting, directing, design, history, playwriting, literature or theory, and a written examination that covers all aspects of theatre arts.