Sewanee in England: A New Summer Program

Sewanee Summer in England Poster
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Wed., Jan. 24th, Gailor Auditorium at 5 PM
Sun., Jan. 28th, Gailor Auditorium at 7 PM
Tue., Feb. 13th, Gailor 128 at 5 PM
(or you can just fill out the application and 
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Brief Description: A study of contemporary approaches to classic theatre, and Roman ruins in England focusing on London and Chester with side trips to York and Bath. The trip includes several visits to theatres in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and Chester, as well as several Roman ruins such as Hadrian’s Wall. Students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops at the National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, and LAMDA. The trip includes many tours of sites in London, York, and Chester.


Two courses that look at classical Britain in the modern world through very different lenses.   

Theatre 227: Classic Plays on the Modern London Stage will study contemporary directors and many approaches to staging Shakespeare and other classic playwrights.   

Classics 121: Greco-Roman Traditions in Britain will examine the history and culture associated with the well-preserved ruins and the rich classical culture still very much alive in England.   

The program will include many live theatre productions, trips to Greco-Roman ruins in London, Chester, Bath and York, workshops at the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, and day trips to Stratford-upon Avon, and Hadrian’s Wall.