Size Matters

TWC one-man show, Size matters

"Size Matters" is a very unique and personal one-man show that audiences find hilarious and deeply moving. Tackling topics like bullying and body issues, "Size Matters" connects with audiences through a refreshing mix of comedy and honesty that we don’t usually hear from men.

When the show begins, our resident big guy, Ray, is on a self-imposed crash diet just two months before his wedding. While his fiancée, Whitney, loves him regardless, Ray is constantly reminded of his continued girth by his career in comedy. Thinking he has all the answers to a skinnier happiness, Ray is blindsided by a five-day visit from his biggest fan… his overweight ten-year-old nephew, Morgan. As uncle and nephew bond over bellies and bullies, Ray realizes he needs to really look at himself in order to answer Morgan’s most important questions.

Through comedy and honesty, Ray explores his life to not only find answers for Morgan, but for us as well. When asked why he performs such a personal show, Raymond responded - “On opening night, I met a man who had lost over one hundred pounds. He was too choked up to talk. His wife hugged me and said, ‘He wants to say thank you for explaining his life to me. He couldn’t say it himself, but you said it for him’. That’s why I want to share my story.”

The show hits home for anyone who’s struggled with confidence. It’s a date night that brings you closer. It’s a show that starts family conversations. In every city, we’ve had patrons come back to bring a family member or friend with whom they wanted to share that conversation. Come see the show and find out for yourself, “Does size matter?”


Proctor Hill Theatre, Tennessee Williams Center

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