All students are invited to participate in the curriculum and production program of the Department of Theatre and Dance.

The major in theatre arts is designed to offer the student a strong foundation in all areas of the theatre: acting, directing, design, dance, playwriting, history, literature, and performance theory. The department expects its majors to augment their knowledge and experience in these disciplines by active participation in the full production program of Theatre/Sewanee, the university theatre. The department also encourages its majors to supplement their work in theatre arts with courses offered by other departments—particularly in language, literature, music, art, and art history.

A few students each year decide to combine their theatre arts major with a major in another discipline. English, psychology, religion, and political science are among the many double majors theatre arts students have chosen in recent years.

The department also offers minors in dance and theatre arts to students interested in a major course of study in another discipline.