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Suzi Ruhl

Senior Attorney Advisor, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Office of Environmental Justice
B.A., University of Floriday; MPH, University of Alabama, Birmingham; J.D., Samford University

B. Suzi Ruhl is currently Senior Attorney Advisor for the US EPA Office of Environmental Justice. In this capacity, she works to integrate environmental justice in agency decision-making, supports community based action, and fosters administration wide action that promotes healthy, equitable, resilient and sustainable communities for overburdened populations. She is Co-Chair of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Committee of the Federal Interagency Working Group on Environmental Justice and is Co-Chair of Team-EJ of the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities. Since her arrival to EPA in 2009, Ms. Ruhl has won three National Honor Awards: 2010 Gold Medal for the HUD-DOT-EPA Partnership for Sustainable Communities; 2011 Gold Medal for Mountain Top Mining Guidance Team; and, 2011 Silver Medal for Keystone Pipeline NEPA Review.

Prior to this position, she was the Director of the Public Health and Law Program for the Environmental Law Institute.  She is also the founder and former President of the Legal Environmental Assistance Foundation, Inc. (LEAF).  Ms. Ruhl has been an Assistant Clinical Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the New York State University School of Optometry and has had a Courtesy Faculty Appointment to the Institute of Public Health at Florida A&M University.

In addition to her law degree, Ms. Ruhl has a Master’s Degree in Public Health (Epidemiology). She is admitted to the bars of the Northern District of Florida and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.