Sewanee and Yale Collaborations

Jason Cromer

Lead Cognitive Neuroscientist, Axon Sports
B.S., Lafayette College; Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Dr. Cromer is lead cognitive neuroscientist at Axon Sports. Axon Sports launched in August 2010 with the Axon Sports CCAT, a concussion management system currently used by schools, leagues, and clubs at all levels, along with leading medical providers to safeguard the cognitive health of Athletes. While Athlete safety is of critical concern, Axon Sports was founded with a broader goal of transforming the way Athletes train for sport. They also develop products to train the athletic brain and accelerate the curve of skill acquisition.

Dr. Cromer earned his B.S. in computer science from Lafayette College and his Ph.D. in Biomedical Science with a specialty in Neuroscience from the University of Connecticut, Health Center. He completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Cognitive Neuropsychology and Neurophysiology at the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory and the department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Cromer then received additional postdoctoral training in epilepsy through the department of Neurology at Yale School of Medicine before joining Axon Sports.

Dr. Cromer brings expertise in cognitive neuropsychology and the neural basis for cognition and movement to Axon Sports. In his new role, Dr. Cromer will lead and collaborate on research into sports concussion that takes advantage of the Axon Sports Computerized Cognitive Assessment Tool (CCAT). Unlike the majority of cognitive tests, the Axon Sports CCAT was designed to be administered repeatedly making it ideal for assessing subtle cognitive change due to concussion, by comparing an After Injury test to a pre-season Baseline test. Dr. Cromer is also available to discuss and answer questions relating to the science behind the Axon Sports CCAT.